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I moved to this neighborhood over a year ago from a neighborhood I lived in for 22 years. What I like about my new neighborhood is being free to walk for miles in any direction without the fear of petty crime. My old neighborhood experienced a change of homeowners who was not like the neighbors I wanted.
A Chicago neighborhood immediately west of the Beverly area that has several level one elementary schools. This neighborhood is well kept, with tree lined streets, several parks, bike paths, and affordable real estate.
I love it here. Friendly homeowners, quiet at night, very subtle police presence, and most importantly; great neighborhood schools.
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The area is pretty quiet for the most part. Although their is a lack of services in the area. It is rarely anything for the youth in the community to do besides go to school. Their is also not an immediate grocery store in the area, just corner stores and gas stations.
I think the situation can be improved
I like the neighborhood, it's just great and calm
theres hardly any crime in my area. my area is very safe and sound. the kids play on the block with no problem nor worries.
the area I live in is so peaceful and quiet. I love it. no drama happens around my house and all my neighbors are respectful.
The houses in my neighborhood are pretty good they arent bad nyn what so ever.
Its OK and it could be better sometimes I don't feel safe in my neighborhood so I stay in the house most of the time.
There is a lot of crime in my area. No one never wants to confess when they see things and this is I'm going to college. I want to get away from all the crimes and continue my education. I rarely see any police around my area and if I do see them, they're probably giving some one a ticket instead of finding out who did what in a peticular crime. I think that police should stay in violent areas, it's only right. These gang bangers get away with anything now a days and it's ridiculous that innocent people get killed everyday. I just want it to be a better place.
Well growing up I had fun as a little kid. I was able to go outside and play with my friends without hearing gunshots everyday. As I got older I started experiencing the real world as far as violence. Gang related problems always found its way around my neighborhood. I even experienced a gun firing incident. It was the most terrifying thing that I had ever experienced. When I get older I wouldn't consider living here again. I wouldn't want to experience anything like that one ever again. Most places like the suburbs, you really don't here much out there which is why I'd rather live there or out of state. Things happen everywhere, but i want to be safe at the end of the day.
The crime depends on the block you are on.
I said "it's okay" because if I could, I would move closer to where my high school is.
Its comfortable living, in a way.
Its not the best and its not the worst.
The community is okay and when I say ok I mean that it has its good and bad days. Their is a lot of shooting going on around this area, but it is not everyday.
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The area is OK. I live close to public transportation and expressways. That is the only thing I like about the area I live in. However, it is a high crime area and there are shootings often. It is also a food desert.
No problems. A lot of resources to go to.
Its not the best, its not the worst, its just average, but getting worse with time.