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I love how my location is easily accessible to stores and restaurants. My street is a very quiet, calm, beautiful. We take great pride in our yards and home. My neighbors are friendly and always offer to lend a helping hand. It’s a family and children oriented neighborhood. We seek to protect our children at play and have signs to remind people not to speed and be aware.
I have lived in this neighborhood for almost eight years. Throughout my experience, I've had minimal problems in this neighborhood. It's a quiet neighborhood and I feel very safe living here.
Warrendale is a great community and place to live. Every city has its problems and Detroit it's no different. Warrendale is coming up, community gardens, regular police patrols and amazing community police officers who get to know the residents. People look out for their neighbors. Rouge park is beautiful, and hey where else are you going to buy a house for under 20,000, hell under 10,000? Do they need varying levels of repair, yes. But you can do it! You just slowly fix things and Detroit has 0% interest home repair loans...
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The community had it's rough days but overall it great and a caring neighborhood. I been in this Warrendale area for 7 years, And I have no plans on moving anytime soon not only is it a great neighborhood the people here helps one another and show others that's people do care and we help each other in a time of need.
The crime rate is very high in Detroit, Michigan.
The city of detroit it's very dangerous and declining and we need people that run for

offices or political office need to be held accountable.
Lately, the police has been around more, but I think that's only because of the overall increase of crime in the city. personally I don't feel the safest, but I try to get by, by staying aware of my surroundings.
If I had an option to live here all over again, I would choose not to. It's not that I don't like it here, it's the fact that I don't really think this is the best area for me. The crime rate is high, there are few schools for children and not many places to for fun/leisure. I do think in the future, this area will possibly be fixed and more manicured and well put together when the right people move in and take care of their homes. For now, it's not doing too well.
Its not the best but it certainly is not the worst. A lot of times though being around businesses are convient
The local representatives are very involved with our city. They go above and beyond to help the residents of Detroit. The police officers and fire fighters also help with our city tremendously.
The police in my area and very responsive when called. I will occasionally see police cars driving around just checking on the neighborhood. They are friendly and get involved with the people of the community.
There are a lot of different parks close to my area. They are very well maintained.
I live in a better part of my neighborhood. There are many homes that are still in great condition. there are also some abandoned homes that are being demolished by the city of Detroit. The people that reside in my area keep their houses nice, grass is always cut, not too much garbage on the streets.
The winter here is very cold with most days being below freezing. A lot of snow and ice. The spring is the most beautiful in my opinion. It is usually sunny and warm during spring with some rainy days. The summer in usually hot with some days above 90 degrees but mostly in the 80s. The fall is usually warm at the beginning turning cold towards the end of October with some rainy days.
Parthenon Coney Island is one of my favorite restaurants in my area. Their food is always cooked the right way and tastes great! They have great customer service as well.
There are very few jobs available for people with no degree. Most jobs in my area only pay minimum wage.
It could be improved to welcome people and make people want to buy the houses and actually pay the house mortgages.
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It could be much better then maybe people would be welcomed in the area.
The police are always discreet in the area but they are always there when you call.
I live in a climate where it get really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer time. Their is never an in between when it comes to Michigan.