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my community is alright. I have neighbors who are very friendly and will ask how I am doing as I walk my dog, and then there are others in my community who are loud, rude, and I do not feel comfortable around them. traffic is sometimes an issue but its manageable and there are convenient stores in short walking distance.
There isnt much big crime close to my exact location but there have been reports of stabbings and shootings over the years ive lived here. There are drugs in the area which doesnt bother me much and sometimes i dont like to walk my dog because there are always groups of people just standing outside their homes.
I have lived in this area for almost ten years and although i feel comfortable, it is changing. New residents are very noisy and rude on top of the college students who like to party. I would be sad to leave this area but i would prefer to live in a quiet family oriented neighborhood
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The area is nice and calm all depending who you live next to next and also how clean they are if they bring roaches rats and other stuff.
In the winter we tend to get alot of snow and in the summer we tend to sometime get heatwaves.
If you like to have a variety of different foods that would involve different cultures. Provdence has a good selection to pick from.
In RI they have the highest unemployment rate in the country as yet it still has not really improved.
The businesses in my area are all okay and somethings could go for inprovements.