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Very quiet neighborhood. Strong homeownership. recent increase in crime. Police and professionals live in the area.
This is a really great neighborhood. The neighbors are friendly, not much noise, helpful. The houses are pretty and the location is nearby to the suburbs or downtown. Very accessible.
My neighbor hood is a fairly safe neighborhood.
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I love my neighborhood, but the bugs that hang out on my back porch freak me out !
Not the best, as police brutality is visible as well. Also, there are frequent sirens heard throughout the days.
The area is sometimes quiet, but can still be noisy at moments. However, the area is generally calm.
It's relatively safe, but it is near a lot of unsafe areas. The police presence has increased within the past year, but only visually.
Having lived in Hamilton for my whole life, I've seen it change gradually as I've grown up. Although I want to live elsewhere for a while, I would like to live somewhere like my hometown when I do choose to settle down. The atmosphere is generally friendly, and it's secluded and yet still in the city which I like. I do wish it had better public transportation options and that the schools were better.
its normally ok, just rain. sometimes the winters are bad.
This restaurant called the hazel wood in is the best. the service is excellent and the people are great.