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The area has its fair share of crime unfortunately and there is a lot that can be done to help it. More police presence and more lighting and possibly cameras would be a great idea.
I do love this area but there are a number of criminals and unsavory characters that have burgled our neighborhood and there are some drug houses too close for comfort. The city is developing the area however I do wish that there were less criminals and punks in the area. I feel mostly safe in the neighborhood and things are looking better for the area. I do plan to stay here for the next few years while I go to school though I would prefer to live a bit further from the city than I currently do. I grew up in a small Alaskan town and the city is just too busy for my taste. Although this is a nice neighborhood and I would recommend it to others I would like someplace a bit quieter.
I've heard a lot of bad things that have happened in this area. I had my license plate stolen so clearly there are quite a few shady people in the area.
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It's a nice location to be as a student. It's only a 45 minute drive to Seattle, and much cheaper than the homes there. There are many businesses in the area so it's very easy to get what you need without having to go to a different town.
Its been a lot of shootings around my area
Well i moved in from LA. I want to say the weather is a new experience . Also a their is a lot of lakes around my area and thats a new exprience for me.
I live in Everett in WA,The weather is rainy and cloudy.The cost of life is expensive,The opportunity to get a job is difficult.The public transportation has just a few numbers of buses,we have not Metro.I wish Tax will be more low in the future,and medical insurance will be more available for all people with low price.
The drug and crime rate in this area is repulsive.
I live in a nice apartment complex.
It was once a good place, then came the abundance of drugs and gangs and crime skyrocketed and made it unsafe to even interact with people you don't know because of all the drug induced violence that permeate the streets.
If I were richer I would move out. I need to further my education.
There are more smokers and obese citizens than not. Drug abuse is a prevalent issue.
The community does not trust individuals due to the gang activity in the area.
The weather here consists of constant rainfall.
The quality of cooking is low, food regulation enforcements are minimal.
Most employment in my area consists of minimum wage and citizens lack both training and further education.
There is a lot of crime in the area. Drug users frequently use inside home depot and Safeway. Gas stations are constantly robbed.
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Nearby me, there is an Applebee's, McDonald's, Jack In the Box, Pho, Thai food, Mexican food, Olive Garden, and a lot of restaurants. I always have a lot of options to choose from when I want to dine out.
I live near Boeing, and it's pretty difficult to be called-back for an interview.
There are some local businesses I feel at home at, such as Tommy's Salon along Evergreen Way. My family knows the workers there really well, so they're close friends of ours. They also offer excellent service to their customers.