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The Housing is very nice most of the houses are more modernized and nice sized.
The community in this area is good even though we do not have a professional sports team their are many events going on at the Verizon arena.
The crime and safety in this area is great police do their runs when they are in the area. They come check on people they know that stay near.
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The overall experience of this area is great because people are happy and there are lots of food places around.
I love the beauty in Little Rock. Love the nature and weather. Only thing is worrying about crime. We've had things stolen and don't feel the safest although it is for the most part safe.
The weather in Arkansas is so back and forth. Typically, we do not have any natural disasters, but the most frequent would be a tornado.
The quality of housing is great. There is a lot of space between houses and everyone has a driveway/yard. The cost of living around here is extremely cheap also.
In the area that I live, it is very unsafe. We have heard some gunfire and just some sketchy stuff goes on around our neighborhood.
We have many workout facilities around here, but not too many people use them.
Little Rock has many options for restaurants. And most of them stay open pretty late.
The people around where I live do not have high paying jobs and probably do not want to be doing what they are doing.
The local businesses in my neighborhood are okay. Some of them are very worn down. Most of them do not have very good service at all.
Little Rock is okay for bars and drinking. It makes me miss nashville so much more though.
Not many jobs for someone who does not have a trade school.
Most of the local businesses are bars/restaurants. Almost all of them are very well managed and great to eat/drink at.
lots of local businesses doing well
not a lot to do but cost of living is good.