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It's a bit quieter than South Park...and a darn sight SAFER than South Park. Neighbors actually DO care.
Can't get police iu when needed
In Dayton, things are okay. There are some areas that are a lot nicer than others while there's parts worse than others. In the past years, I have seen crime go up, more foreclosures, and people not caring about their community. Even though there are negative sides to living in the area, there are a quite of bit of positives. There's lots of transportation, lots of activities such as parks, bike riding, museums, etc, and some of the younger generation eager to improve life. Ranking the area compared to the rest of the country, I would say it's pretty average. I've seen communities with much better lifestyles and others very poor. In the future, I definitely see it staying the same because of discussing with the younger generation, many are wanting to move out of Dayton.
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There are 2 large grocery stores that i know of within a 20 mile radius from my house- both being "krogers". There are many gas stations- there being 2 on many busy intersections. There are fast food stores and some other small inexpensive restaurants such as "subway". The area is large in spending. Yes you can easily get everything you need in the area- if you have the money.
The housing in the area has a few vacant houses-some may have burned down and the property has just been left like that for years. There are more appearances of vacant houses-and shops- the further downtown you get. House owners in the immediate area usually tend well to their houses although some don't of course. House panels may be falling off on some houses and garages falling down with no concern of the owner. I'd say cost of housing and utilities is pretty average.
There is apparent crime. I've had multiple bikes stolen and other robberies, nothing which hurt me bad though. There are many inoperable vehicles and abandoned buildings and graffiti but it's a common sight so they don't really bother me. The city mainly keeps up with the street lighting and other things so to keep the people safe. When i come to a dark street i just curtail around it and go down a lit one. There are many fights that break out and occasional deaths. A police station is nearby although i don't usually see police cars unless someone called them in. Deeper in the city is in a much worse shape than my neighborhood with bad lighting and drug deals on corners. i feel worried about my safety but still comfortable enough to take a walk and go to the store by myself.
There are outdoor parks that are easily accessible where one can exercise if they so choose just be weary of any violence. There are also multiple gyms one can get a membership at within the 25 miles of my home which i attend one of these about twice a week. The children in the area go out and play often whereas the adults tend to be depressed and stay indoors. There are no clinics or hospitals immediately close- the one's i know of are mainly downtown. When scheduling an appointment the time scheduled may be sometimes more than a week depending on the season. The hospital facilities' quality is pretty good though.