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I love the city I live in because this is what I am used to. I am very comfortable where I live, but of course, there could be some improvements. The potholes are terrible, sometimes traffic is really bad, and the sidewalks/streets are destroyed. Nowhere is going to be perfect, but the people are nice, there is always something to do, and I am in close proximity to popular locations.
There is nothing in particular which is amazing about this area, but they do have some well known names every once in a while.
A lot of the people in bars in the area act tacky or ingorant. There are a lot of drunks in the area.
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The local businesses are okay, but a lot are run down or need some type of improvent. There are some good stores, though
Nothing has happened to me by the grace of god, but it is by no means "safe"
Nothing great, but you can at least get a job.
There are some good hearted people, but most aren't.
The only thing the building has going for it is it's affordability
Response time is acceptable, but just acceptable isn't good enough in certain situations.
It gets you to your destination, but is unsanitary at times and has an abundance of "unpleasant" people
The weather can be very nice during the summer, but it can have some cold winters. Snow is not usually a problem, but freezing rain and the effects on sidewalks and roads can be an issue.
The community tries to come together and have functions, but not many people participate.
The area is extremely diverse, and it allow for dining almost any type of popular cuisine. Great food and drink scene.
This area is very close to a high poverty area and it can make it dangerous at times.
Many mom and pop shops, people learn your name. Not too many big companies.
There are always new companies and businesses opening up here.
There is a very big dichotomy here, there is a group of young health individuals and there is a large group of unhealthy obese people.
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Old City area in Philadelphia is very historic, with loads of tourists on any given date.
The public transportation in this area is great, but I would not care to use a car to get around.
The housing in this area is all quite similar, many row homes with very little character or differentiation.