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The median price to rent is much higher now, and so is the median house to buy. Crime is accurate. Due to zoning changes, allowing apt. landlords to push out family homes...its really expensive, and all spaces are smaller and smaller, with not much parking.
Very nice people in the area with plenty of transportation. There are a lot of people breaking into cars.
Very nice suburban area. Walking distance to small playgrounds and local amenities, short bus ride to places like the Chittaden Locks and Discovery Park. Some interesting stores like Open Books poetry bookstore and the glass art supply store.
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This is a great neighborhood with many small shops near by and grocery stores. There's a good elementary school just a few blocks away. One of my favorite things is the farmers market on Thursday evenings. The community is very welcoming and friendly
Wallingford is a nice neighborhood, but has become incredibly gentrified as the years have gone on. Housing is incredibly expensive, which pushes out any low-income community members who live here. Furthermore, the HALA act that is proposed will likely destroy many of the homes around the area for ugly duplexes that don't have any low-income housing.
Wallingford is a nice neighborhood, full of single-family homes very well located to many things in Seattle. Its safe. there's plenty of restaurants and good bus service.
Nice friendly neighborhood environment with an un-ending variety of local shops and businesses that makes each day a new adventure.
There are many people who loiter without destinations, all day, every day.
It's a quaint-ish neighborhood full of college students and families, near a lake park, and a major college campus.
I have a great apartment, but it is rather costly
We all live our own lives but interact when together
I haven't had any issues lately
There are lots of fun things to do in the area
As the high tech jobs increase, the housing is becoming more unaffordable. The neighborhood is great, though.