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Diverse and filled with a variety of people and their various culture infuse in the area. Fast food and shopping centers have dominated the area which makes everything convenient. My only problem is that people need to curb their dog.
Wakefield is a great community to live in. It is not loud here but it is also not to quiet. It is a very diverse neighborhood. You will be disappointed if you live here.
The neighborhood is fairly quiet, several schools are in the vicinity of my home.The area is kept clean and is family friendly, food shopping is very accessible, it is very close to the New England Thruway which I use very frequently. There are several amenites available to keep the children active, and a public library for after school reading.
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In this particular area there is not much going on however it is close to neighborhoods and project buildings that do suffer from a high crime rate.
The accessibility with everything is perfect, everything is around restaurants, notaries, clothing stores, pharmacies. However it is close to neighborhoods with high crime rates but not in this particular area.
Crime is really not really prevalent in the area. Most of the residents are Jamaicans, Hispanics, and Guyanese so they know each other well and are friendly towards one another. However, when crimes do occur it's usually young men targeting each other.
I want to move out of the area. The kids are rude, their parents are no better. The school system is horrible. If you send your kids to the schools in the area, their personality will quickly change for the worse, and they will most likely graduate high school with a low GPA. I cannot see any great changes in the future of this area.
I think that the community in this area is great i think that people have a connection to this community to make it better.
The crime and safety is getting better now than it was before. Now in the neighborhood there is more lighting which i think is a great thing because there has not been as much crime as there were before.
I would choose to live here again people the neighborhood has a lot of diversity. You have so much people from different places and people from different walks of life. You sometimes get to see people who are struggling which makes you work harder so that you don't have to struggle.
People break into cars and take their sideview mirrors
There is hardly any problems where crime and safety is concerned.
The general atmosphere of where I live is pleasurable and easy to work with. I would choose to live here again especially because of the convenience and proximity to everything.
I feel safe in my neighborhood
The neighborhood is very decent and everyone gets along well for the most part
Good Community to raise a child.
I have not have any problems.
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The atmosphere is calm. The business in the area are far away from my residence, long Walking distance. It's not a bad area compared to other parts of the country. I see this area remaining the same. Quiet residential area.
The Community could try harder in being accepting of people's lifestyles and they could build a community center in which the community could interact with each other.
They rotate the neighborhood pretty frequently.