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Little Rock is one of the most dangerous cities in the country but it also seems calm and peaceful. Its easy to stay out of trouble but some areas are ruined, washed up, and seem unsafe to be. There are cops around to keep an eye out but sometimes it can take time for a cop to show up to a scene. It makes a life threatening gesture but to see them roaming around the streets usually seems ironinc.
Little Rock, Arkansas is known for its crime rate and is one of the low rated states in the nation. I like to differ this though. I've lived in Arkansas my whole life and I have grown to love my hometown. When I was young my friends and I would play on the streets and ride bikes until night. Growing up here I met many people from different backgrounds. Little Rock is very diverse and I don't see much opposition against race but to me, life here seems peaceful. I love my city, my home, and my people. If I could do it all over and start again, I would stay in Arkansas.
No concerns, we have neighborhood watches, and cops patrol here.
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It's a pretty good, civilized, area . I haven't had any problems here at all and if i had a choice to live here again i would. I would compare this area to walking in a family reunion, it feels like a homely place. I would see the area for retirement.
It is a bad area. Full of the minorities so therefore I as well as others feel the government does not care.
It's a kid-friendly neighborhood that families would love.