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Police are seen all the time but take awhile to come when you call.
I love living here. Centrally located. Close to downtown and university. Also only 20 minutes from the mountains and desert. Super fun.
This area has a low crime rate. The police are visible and interact frequently with the community. The area is home to many families that want a safe community to live in. The area is also close to an elementary school which reduces the crime rate dramatically.
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This area is great for a whole range of people from families, to college students, to people in the elderly community. It provides easy access to any section of town and is very pet friendly. Best of all the neighbors are friendly and look out for each other creating a safe and clean environment.
I see a police officer drive around the neighborhood all the time. I live right off of the freeway and I believe that is why they are always around our neighborhood. I feel safe though. I have the house to myself quite a lot and I don't feel unsafe because I do have good neighbors who are watching out for me, a friend on the police force, and my uncle is a firefighter and I live with him and his family. It's a great little neighborhood and I know that if anything were to happen, police/fire/emt would arrive quickly.
All four seasons! Winter is brutal. Lots of heavy coats and pants.
Beautiful. lots of parks, rivers, lakes and campgrounds, mountains
low wages/salaries, lots of minimum wage jobs, no high end
Boise has some of the most unique restraunts. Not in my neighborhood, though.
Needs bike lanes, more pedestrian signs, more sidewalks, more speed bumps, street lights and intersections.
Lots of refugees, subsidized housing part of town. Lots of culture but also lots of poverty.
Overall quality of life is great. The city is growing. Great, quaint place to raise children with nice houses and private schools - not so much public.
Public transportation works but isn't good enough. Local representatives advertise a lot but don't seem to help with local problems. Emergency services are slow.
Lots of gas stations and automotive repair shops in this area. everything else is a bit of a drive.
In my neighborhood I see a lot of people walking, but probably not by choice. No workout facilities, no hospital facilities near the neighborhood. No bike lanes.
Boise is perfect for visiting! Great nightlife, great museums, great events, great community.
There are some vacant properties as well as very nice houses right next to trailer parks and shabbier buildings. Graffiti covers some fences.