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It's a relatively convenient and cheap place to live in, with many lines of buses that go downtown and easy access to freeways, but it's not the safest place to live.
Visitacion Valley is a neighborhood that is close by to an elementary, middle school and high school. People who does not live around here may call it the “ghetto” or a dangerous place to live in but I actually feel very safe living here. It is also a very diverse neighborhood with different races and cultures. There are also police patrolling around the area in the day and night time so there aren’t a lot of accidents happening. I personally don’t think it’s a big problem to live around here.
I live in this neighborhood and find it to be family oriented, peaceful and safe. The weather is very sunny compared to the rest of San Francisco and you get stunning views of the Bay and San Bruno hills. There are some great restaurant options on San Bruno Avenue. In terms of transportation, it is very easy to get on the Freeways (101, 280) and also access multiple bus lines and MUNI (T-line) to get into downtown SF
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Located on the southeast side of San Francisco, Visitacion Valley is a smaller community that's known for being close to the Cow Palace and the former 49ers stadium, Candlestick Park. It's one of the cheaper neighborhoods to rent, but don't count it out! Visitacion Valley is filled with sunny days, cheap food, and nice people and families who have been living here for decades.
I have been robbed twice of the same model of iPhone 5C, both robbery committed by African Americans under 25. Also heard of robbery at the corner of Tioga, Alpha, and Wilde. Crimes are regular.
This neighborhood is a well-rounded area compiled of nature, businesses, variety of transportation and nice views. But speaking from personal experiences, the safety issues in Vis Valley is problematic. Lots of crime has been committed, and I have been robbed twice within the short span of 5 years. This is a good neighborhood to live in if you drive, especially because certain parts are hilly.
Nothing super life threatening happens, at least from what I see. Shootings are less prevalent now than before.
Gentrification is something that has widened in San Francisco.
The price for housing is so high in San Francisco. It is hard to get affordable house and also not enough affordable house.
There is less community events, but people around me are friendly. We would say “hi” to each other when we meet.
I have strong opinion about the costs of housing in my area. The houses in my area are very expensive. The rental expenses are also very high. The houses are not affordable for many people. But I think the quality of housing is okay in this area.
In my location, some of my neighbors are very nice. They always say hello to my family and greet us well.
The area where one mile away from my location is very unsafe. There are always some crimes occur. Sometime I feel scared for going to those areas.
I like to live in this area. The traffic is very convenient. The bus station just one block away from my house. Even though San Francisco is an urban city, the atmosphere is better than my hometown. It is always sunny in this area.
In resent years, there were more and more shootings and robbery happened in this area, and also my friends has been experienced robbery around my school. I start worry about my safety in here.
I like to live in San Francisco because the weather in here is suitable for people to live in. My hometown was very hot, but here is comfortable for me. I would like to live here again whether I could do it all over.
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Crime is prevalent in most cities.
My neighborhood has very local businesses, meaning they are either small or family-owned. There are no large franchise companies nearby, and usually to go to one would only be accessible by car or by bus 3 or 4 miles away. However, these local businesses are still wonderful and convenient nonetheless. It not only saves time and energy for local customers but also supports those small business owners.
There are some laundromats and drug stores.