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I feel fairly safe in the area, some sketchy characters around but I haven't had any problems. I see the police driving around frequently, but have not yet had a need to contact them. I am moderately concerned with break-in possibility as we live on the first floor, but have yet to have any issues.
I like living in the Glendale area. Plenty of young people, lots of apartment communities and available jobs, and close to downtown and the Cherry Creek bike path. I would live here again. 7/10 on the country scale due to price. This area is booming with businesses, apartments, and buildings - I see a bright future for Glendale.
I don't know much about the crime rate in this area. I often see police but I am unaware of their response time as I have never the need. There is not much crime reported and I have only heard of one theft/mugging incident though I am unclear of the extent of this incident. I wouldn't say that it is the best place to walk alone at night but I still do so and have never had trouble. Overall, I would say that this area is a pretty safe place but the need to be prepared is important.
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This area is a really good place to live. The accessibility to outdoor activities is not as good as I would like because it is further away from the mountains, though there is strong emphasis on a culture of an outdoor and active lifestyle which I really enjoy.The easy access to multiple parks and trails is an added bonus to those who love the outdoors but live in the city. Because this location is very close to Infinity park there is strong community and support for the Glendale Raptors Rugby team. It is close to multiple restaurants and shopping as well as close vicinity to colleges. It is a convenient place to live having extensive public transportation. The only downside of this area, at least for me, is that it is very highly populated and traffic can get really bad.
I dont see any police!
I love this area. Very quiet, lots of hard working people. Many people out walking dogs, many parks. Very little crime over the past 3 years of living here.
Safety is for the most part good, but around once a month there will be a car chase, and minor stuff like stealing from grocery stores.
Great people to meet, all sorts of things to do around the neighborhood like gyms, restaurants, parks, convenient stores. Schools around the area are diverse and very unique. I see the standard of living improving diligently.
I absolutely love the neighborhood I live in- but the city of Denver itself is horrible and corrupt. The city is only interested in economic development and NOTHING ELSE- they do not care about students (unless they are buying things) and they do not care about the poor, and in fact they criminalize people without homes. It is very wrong, very corrupt and my heart aches because of it.
Denver is a thriving metropolitan area with a colorful culture.
If you want all the seasons and maybe a curve ball in your weather pattern. This is is where it is at.
I am under 21 so by bar knowledge is non existent. But they have many restaurants around my neighborhood.
There is always room for improvement but most of the time I can get to a place that has what i need on my bicycle.
It's been hard to find a consistent job that provides an actually livable wage.
With our crazy Colorado weather, (which I love), it's hard to keep up with how quickly the weather changes.
It's more the crime aspect of my area that makes me a hesitant pedestrian.
Lot's of drugs, alcohol and fast food, i.e. not very healthy.
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With downtown Denver so close, why would anyone come to this part of town?
A little unkempt and the houses are small, but it's primarily G.I. housing from sixty years ago when people were smaller and took more pride in their properties.
The mountains are kind of far away, (at least a 45 minute drive), and there are certainly no beaches, but it's Colorado. The outdoor recreational spaces are exceptional.