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I love living in this area! I feel very safe as a single female. There's lots to do and things to walk to. Everything is within a close driving distance from this neighborhood. It takes me less than 10 minutes to drive to work.
Lots of cute shops. Fairly expensive, but a great distance away from Midtown. Very family friendly. Mila Kunis stayed here.
There is a lot of shops, restaurants and more in this area. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood with beautiful scenery and all around great people.
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The website has been very helpful so far. I am able to find scholarships that require minimal or no work easily.
Whether varies in Atlanta. I'd like to even say, mother nature is a bit bipolar. This past winter, we had random snow storms, and icing over all the roads, then a week later, it was 55 and sunny. Summer here is very hot and humid with random rain showers. Spring and fall however are absolutely perfect and make up for all the rain and cold. Fall in Atlanta, though it is short, is perfect.
Atlanta is chosen as one of the greenest metropolitan areas in the United States. When family comes to visit me, they are constantly baffled by the amount of trees and parks inside the perimeter. However, in the summer time, the smog alerts can be very high due to the high congestion of drivers, so from 2-5pm, it is best to not be outside as much to be safe from high pollution levels.
Atlanta is one of the best places when it comes to diversity. There are people from everywhere who live here and are very kind regardless of that. You can find groups for all different subcultures and interests.
Most people who live in Atlanta that are my age, have no college degree yet and are working in food service serving or bartending. The availability of jobs may be high, but the credentials necessary to obtain these jobs is the hard part. Like for me, I want to work in a vet office, but because I don't have three years of experience in a vet hospital already, it is hard to get my foot in the door to gain the experience I need. The same goes for all different jobs. References in Atlanta seems to be the way people in their 20's get great salary paid jobs.
There aren't a lot of public services in this area; not a lot that I notice anyway. Reaction time of police can vary based on the area you are in, while the fire department is quite fast. The local representatives are making changes to the roads for cyclists so I am happy about that and his choice to add bike lanes to the most congested main roads has helped me significantly.
The housing in Atlanta varies based on the area you are in. Here are the main parts of Atlanta and their quality of housing:

1. Buckhead. Very rich, mansion and highrise condos. Very well kept, very expensive.

2. Virginia Highlands/Morningside. Family-oriented housing, 3+ bedroom homes with fenced in lawns, gardens. Expensive and beautiful.

3. Kirkwood. A lot of crime resides here and the houses are much cheaper, while some are noticeably abandoned. A lot of college students are moving to this area due to its cheapness, so it is starting to come around, but robberies are occurring there regularly.

4. Old Fourth Ward. This is where I live. There has been a huge change in this area, there is either, broken down abandoned buildings, project/low income apartments or huge modern mansions. This area has every type of person which means the area visually is very strange. Some areas are well kept, while others, not so much.

5. East Atlanta. This is bar central - a lot of crime around east Atlanta, though if you're 21-30, you probably live in this area and love it. Housing is relatively unkept and is rather cheap, though there are cute little houses and lots of space for animals.

6. Grant Park. One of my favorite areas. It has really come around since I moved here in 2010. There is a mix, like in east Atlanta of cute fixer upper houses, huge mansions and just old unkept houses, but the mix is okay. This neighborhood is so cute, I would love to buy a house and live there someday. Crime is high here however, so it is important to take precautions when locking bikes, houses and cars.
People say once you come to Atlanta, you never want to leave. There's something about Atlanta, the perfect weather, community like feel that keeps bringing in more and more people. New apartments and condos are being built everyday to handle the high amounts of people moving here to experience Atlanta and all it has to offer. The future in Atlanta seems very bright, a lot is changing around here. Though the Braves may be moving soon, there are so many options of what is to come!
Atlanta is a very pet friendly community. I have many pets myself and have never had a complaint or issue from anyone concerning my animals. Since it is a city, people tend to be a bit more stand offish, though because it is the south, people are much nicer than you think. Saying hello or smiling at strangers is much more common in Atlanta, so meeting people and making friends at local businesses is very easy and fun to do!
Atlanta is no New York; we are still searching for an identity, but I would definitely say there is a lot of great food here. Atlanta is a very diverse city, and contains all types of people and ethnicities, so the food is really a treat to a person who has only lived in one place their entire life! One of my favorite restaurants is called Panita Thai. It has truly authentic thai cuisine while only a husband and wife run the entire business. The husband cooks while the wife works at the front serving and hosting. Bar and nightlife here have really blossomed, there are hundreds of bars a person can go to in a night, and the bartenders are very serious about their drinks, so serious that it is their chosen career.
There are tons of trails, bike lanes, playgrounds, parks and lakes which get people of all different ages out to exercise. Though there are indeed unhealthy people in Atlanta, the amount of healthy people does balance out. There are 3 main hospitals in this area which are some of the best in the country, which my brother is an RN at one of the best trauma centers, called Grady Hospital. I stay fit by delivering on my bike, I work 5 days a week for 3 hours a day and I absolutely love it. I am also a vegetarian which aids in my healthy lifestyle as well.
I do not own a car, so I use my bike to take me where I need to go, rain or shine. Atlanta is becoming more bike friendly, though there isn't a day that goes by that I don't deal with angry drivers. Atlanta roads are relatively bad for bikes, so it is important to learn the best roads and routes when you plan to travel. Front and back lights are very important, I have friends who have been hit by drunk drivers, so it never hurts to be a bit more visible on the roads.
Because I'm a college student, I cannot afford the best area and place to live. I rent in an area which has regular shootings though police are constantly patrolling the area. Though there is crime, it comes with the territory of living in a city, especially like Atlanta. The best thing to do when you know the area isn't very safe is to be smart.
Local businesses are the best part of living in Atlanta. I currently commute on bike as well as work as a messenger delivering on my bike, so I am always riding into new places and finding little spots that are just as good if not better than chains. For instance, coffee. Instead of Starbucks, there are hundreds of local coffee shops which serve locally roasted coffee. Like, Dancing Goats Coffee, Octane Coffee and Condesa Coffee are amazing and worth every penny when I'm looking for a great cup of coffee and perfect studying area.