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I live around VCU so I am familiar with the area. I would love to spend more time there, and plan to apply in the fall because I like their programs and facilities.
The police are very visible, especially in the VCU area. At night, sirens become everyone's lullaby. As it is a city, there is a significant crime rate, but some areas are definitely very low in crime. The police are very available regardless of your issue and that is at least a calming feature, regardless of crime rate.
The area is quite calm during the day, with lots of friendly and caring people. The fact that Richmond is a small city is fantastic. There's a mix of smalltown hospitality, and the fast pace of the city. There are many hidden gems in terms of activities, shopping and eating, but you have to do your research to enjoy them. Overall a beautiful landscape and I am glad to live here.
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Around the campus area, crimes happen here and there.
I live in the city of richmond, very diverse and easy going!
There is a lot of crime in the city of richmond
Its very busy and loud, but I love being around people so Richmond is great.
Overall I like, I really like the area I live in. Although there are some clear disadvantages of living in the city, it is more convenient since its close to my university. My classes are 10 minute walking distance from this area and there are many businesses around. It is also closer to where my classmates/friends live.
So far I haven't had any problems with this area. It's pretty close to everything and the things that it's not close to I can easily hop on a bus and go there.
They are great, very diverse in variety.
Most of the locals hate how often it switches from day to night, but i dont mind it
very friendly owners, somewhat overpriced though.
This area has any type of food you could ever be hungry for
I don't even watch the news and I hear about a new crime in the area at least once a week.
Lots of local businesses to chose from.
This is the city but the police try very hard to make sure everybody is and feels safe.
This is a college area. Students are trying to find jobs. With a lot of small businesses around here, there is a good amount of employment. The student body is big however so most places will probably have enough workers.
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Beautiful vintage buildings with remodeled insides.
Its Richmond, everything is available if you look.
In the middle of downtown Richmond, there are thousands of things to do all the time.