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i hardly ever see police on the road or anywhere else, and that makes me feel unsafe both on the road where i have almost been in multiple accidents because people feel they can drive recklessly because there are no police to monitor, and off because if i were in trouble there would be no one around to help me fast enough. I have also heard multiple gun shots on different occasions in a park near my home where sketchy people hang out late at night, which would probably not be a issue if they would be patrolling. i say it's okay because it's nothing compared to Oakland or Tracy.
Driving in this area is the worst i have ever experienced, it is like no one can drive here, the majority of neighbors are pretentious and rude but with the occasional nice one, this is an area where there are a lot of families with kids so be warned the parks will always, and i mean always be packed with screaming kids whose parents let them behave however they please, (i live right next to a park so its probably worse) even late at night there are teenagers and sketchy people hanging around there and i've even heard gun shots on numerous occasion, which brings me to the police, i hardly ever see them patrolling the road, which would probably make the driving situation far better if they did, and maybe if they were patrolling the gun shots and sketchy people wouldn't be hanging out in the local parks and wandering around, there are several registered sex offenders around here but that could happen anywhere, it is close to downtown Pleasanton but besides that there is nothing else to do in the area. I would much rather be in Livermore or Dublin and if i had the chance to move to one of those i would take it in a heartbeat. I'm being totally honest since i feel i was lied to in the image they told me when i was moving here. One of the worse decisions i ever made. The only reason i put its okay is because the crime is not as bad as tracy or Oakland and it was cheaper than Livermore or Dublin.
its been great living here although it is very elderly and so there is not much for children to do except play at parks or go to the mall.
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Our community is safe for the most part, but there are random bad crimes such as identity theft, stabbings, and attempted school shootings.
We have healthy people in areas but there are concentrations of people who cannot get quality health care or afford the expensive healthy foods.
We have very good housing. Even though it is dense it is clean and well maintained
We have such a severe drought, our shadow cliff's lake has lost alot of water, the docks don't reach the water line at all.
The food and restaurants are great, delicious, clean, well managed. But they are very expensive and are not open late.
Many people don't work here in Pleasanton, they go to neighboring cities to work. Finding jobs in Pleasanton is not that hard but the jobs are not that desirable or pay well.
There are a few great parks and a great hiking area nearby. Besides those two, there is not much outdoor activities around. Many people bike and run regularly because the town is very "hilly".
There is no nightlife in Pleasanton. Most restaurants are chain that close at normal hours. The downtown area has a couple of nice restaurants, some Mexican, some Italian but nothing too original. Everything downtown is very expensive. A popular food that in Pleasanton is frozen yogurt.
Due to the small town, most of the local businesses are in the downtown area. It gives a lot of character to the area but most of the shops are quite expensive. The shops are small clothing stores, knick-knacks, and some other luxury items. None are very essential and most of the needed items are found in big chains.
The employment in Pleasanton is decent, they have many low wage jobs like food service and retail but it has few career choice jobs. Pleasanton is a small residential town with not many opportunities for those who are not already "connected." Many people commute to their jobs since we are near Silicon Valley, those who work in Pleasanton are small business owners, teachers, retailers, at-home moms.