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I've lived in this area my entire life. Schools have gotten better, the mall has more stores, but since they are always building more apartments, more and more people have been coming into town. The population has definitely increased since i been here.
Houses are great, I of course wish they were more affordable; However, you earn what you work for.
I'm happy with the busy watnof life here. Acceptance and quality is great!
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I can count on the police at any hour, anytime; anywhere.
This is a place i'd love to settle down in and grow a family in.
There are great places like Griffith Park or Brand Park to go running or hiking, or have a nice picnic.
The public services are great, they fulfill all their responsibilities.
Glendale is a very safe place to be. All the public servants in the area fulfill their responsibilities.
The weather here in Southern California is fantastic. Nothing to worry about in my area.
The employment opportunities in the area are rather limited, but I think that stems from the current economic situation.
The types of food available in my hometown is really varied. It represents the diverse cultural community we have here (whether they are Armenian restaurants like Pheonicia or Raffi's Place or Vietnamese places like Pho).
Everyone has dogs around here!
Our area is very family friendly. We don't have too many late night options but we do have a couple bars and stuff but they aren't really any good.
We have an amazing bus system and all the drivers are so friendly!
Many stories in our area other than the big chains like Ralphs need some work done! We have an excellent array of mediterranean foods. I wish we could have better Sushi places though! Everything is pretty average if not below average.
The police are always near by. They never make an arrest but we don't really have much trouble.