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Villages of Palm Beach Lake Reviews

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This neighborhood is ideal for young adults and young families. There are large residential areas disbursed throughout consisting of luxury apartments and houses. The area is also quite safe. Conveniently close to I-95, restaurants and shopping areas.
Police presence is there. They make an effort to be visible in the community. Crime in the neighborhood is rare.
The area is a good area. Often imagined living in the same or similar area to raise kids when I have them.
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Once the new sport municipal is completed, I see a thriving and revitalized area with open potential.
I enjoy living here, although I'm living on campus, you have everything close by. You have malls, restaurants, attractions, and the beach which is 5 miles from campus. I enjoy living here in West Palm Beach.
Parks need to be redone
The area at the moment has low crime
It hasn't been bad this year
Need more soul food restaurants
The jobs need to pay more and hire more
I don't like to say too much on this, but I feel that all politicians are deceptive one way or the other. However, I think Rick Scott has done a pretty good job as governor.
I've never noticed neighborhood watchers. There are quite a few crimes in wpb, but for the most part, I feel safe.
I'm not sure if you're talking about the actual urbanization in which I lived, but I didn't really like it. The actual area in wpb was nice.
When it's hot, it's really hot. When it's cold, it's really cold. But the best weather is when there's an in-between temp. For the most part, wpb's climate is pretty breezy.
There are a crap-load of both popular restaurants and local business. There's always a business around the corner.
I can't say much because, in the times I've applied for jobs in wpb, I've been rejected and/or don't meet the requirements since I didn't have experience.
I'm thinking of the variety of stores that West Palm Beach has. West Palm's urban spots has a wide variety of stores - from retail to restaurants - there's always something to try. One bad thing about West Palm is that the city has gotten rid of some good stores from specific locations. One example I can think of is in City Place. They got rid of Barnes & Noble a few years ago to put in a gym. That really killed the downtown for me. However, the downtown is WAY better than where I live now - in Sanford.
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We have a community pool and park
I live in Florida so it's always hot
There is a lot of fast food restaurants in my area