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Fargo is an amazing community!! It is a growing city, but still retains the small town feel. Easy to get around even without a car, and the people are very welcome and friendly. Awesome shopping and lots of public parks and bike trails. A great place to go to college or raise a family.
I really like living here because it quiet and peaceful, there are shopping centers, restaurants where I live. It takes like 5 minutes to where I need to be and my job is really close by as well. I would definitely choose to live around this area again if we had to move.
I really like Heidi Heitkamp but the rest of my congressman I disagree with . I do not agree with our current governor. The conservatives in this state are trying to set our state back decades and I feel it will hurt our state from attraction younger demographics from moving here.
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Fargo for the most part is a pretty safe community. With the impact of the Bakken Oil Boom taking place on the otherside of the state, it seems more people have come to the city recently bringing along with them crime we used to not see very often.
We are generally windy, year round. We enjoy 4 seasons. We can be humid in the summer, 97% but are arid in the winters. We can get to extreme cold in winter and we can get a lot of snow. Wind is the catalyst that makes any weather year round get extreme. We can have tornados but they are not that frequent and haven't done significant damage in years. I love enjoying the change of the seasons. We also do not have seriously scary/dangerous spiders/insects/reptiles. Just mosquitos.
Lots of new restaurants have come to Fargo in the past few years along with the local independent restaurants.
The unemployment is one of the lowest in the nation. There are many positions that go unfilled do to lack of people to fill them. The city is growing rapidly. I am not sure though what fields are in the greatest need, hourly or salaried/degree positions.
We have the Mall area of chain stores but we also has a Historic downtown area that is full of original locally owned shops and restaurants.
Unemployment rates are low, and there are frequently "seeking workers" ads out. Those are often for more specialized fields, though, so unskilled workers or those without a specialized education (at least a two-year degree for most fields) or an already lengthy background in that field are unlikely to be strong candidates. There are many retail and restaurant opportunities for new workers.
I do a lot of online shopping, since I work overnights and find it more convenient than staying up late or waking up early to go to a brick-and-mortar store (also, I dislike people, which I invariably encounter when shopping anywhere besides in front of my computer). Some of the chain stores are understaffed frequently (at least at the times I go), leading to longer lines. Downtown has several boutiques with more specialty items, but you make still need to go to the Twin Cites if you're looking for something really specific and non-mainstream. We don't have shops like Torrid here, and there's no Trader Joes (pretty sure that's literally the reason one of my aunts moved away). Larger companies are shoving out mom-and-pop stores, much like they do everywhere.
Most of the police with whom I've come into contact have been professional but polite. (Granted, my attitude towards them may play a part in that. My sometimes belligerent younger siblings have had considerably different experiences with police.) Reaction time seems reasonable, though I've lived most of my life near a police and/or fire station. (Until recently, I lived less than a mile from a fire station and paramedic dispatch). I have a general dislike and mistrust of all politicians, so I'm probably unable to give an unbiased opinion there. I DO think that the current policy-makers either don't think through all the ramifications of their proposals, or are more concerned with making their target constituents happy and getting reelected than with doing the right thing for the community.
Frequent construction on main streets makes "rush hours" very difficult. Some roads have bike paths, which bicyclists frequently don't bother using. Few drivers seem to know the rules at intersections with 4-way stops. Many drivers will stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at an unsigned crosswalk (don't expect the same consideration if you're trying to cross in the middle of a block). Parking is dicey in some areas, especially downtown where there are few free lots and mostly just limited on-street parking.