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Criminals are everywhere. It's hard to stop crime rates but you hardly hear any criminal activity going on in this area. We have neighborhood watch in this area where neighbors help and protect each other. We also gather up at a park in this area to discuss how to protect this community. This is the best part about this area. Everyone is together, we all work together.
There is a lot of farm land near this area. Elkhorn road separates the residence are and the farm land. Which means it can get really windy because the area is open. In the summer, it's a good thing so that when the temperature gets to 90 degrees it wont't be too hot because of the wind. I like this area better than where we used to live before. It was really crowded and noisy because of the elementary school. This area much better. It's more open and streets are wide too. It's peaceful.
This area is very family oriented! The parks are beautiful and well detailed
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There are many beautiful parks nearby, and plenty more being built. However, my area is a suburb and does not have mountainous or hunting grounds. There are wide-open fields nearby for ranches and horseback riding.
The local laws and public services seem to be up to date and helpful. There are fire stations everywhere, and I've never had an emergency put on hold due to limited resources and/or low staffing. One downside is that the bus/light rail stations seem to be quite dungy and a little scary to ride.
Living in this area year round is very nice. However, there are frequent flood warnings in the Winter and, being a valley/basin, floods can be very risky. Recently, there have been warnings about a possible drought in my area, and water restrictions have been placed.
There is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and fast food locations in the area including more high-scale/sports bars dining like Malabar and Buffalo Wild Wings, as well as quick and easy McDonald's and In-and-Out. Unfortunately, there is not a huge nightlife in the area.
The stores in the area are very modern and updated. The inside of stores such as Walmart, Target, Marshall's, Barnes & Nobles, and other major chain stores remain clean and well stocked year round. There are mostly major chain stores like these, and restaurants such as BJ's Brewhouse and Mimi's Cafe in the area. Due to the abundance of retail chain stores, not many mom-and-pop shops have appeared and thrived recently.