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Villa park is amazing. Small neighborhood with many parks and a trail. You can literally walk any where in this neighborhood; library, the light rail, many stores and places of entertainment.
I love the Villa Park neighborhood in Denver. Though somewhat suburban in character, it has a friendly, diverse, working class vibe where I feel I fit right in. I would love to see a little more improvement in some of our local businesses, and we continue to fight developers that want to tear down classic, older homes in favor of cheap (though pricey when sold) shoebox condos. It's part of the mixed blessing we have here with two light rail stations, easy access to downtown, bikeable streets and paths and a myriad of parks.
There is crime in my neighborhood but I believe that is partly because we leave very close to downtown Denver
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My neighborhood is okay, it is not the greatest in terms of safety but my neighbors help me feel comfortable.
Crime is increasing at an alarming rate and there is a continuous police presence in the area, now more than ever.
Compared to when I first moved in, this neighborhood has become an area for homeless people quenching their alcoholism through the liquor store down the street. It is not a prospering neighborhood and seems to become more and more unsafe by the year.
Some parts of this area the housing is too expensive, for 1 bedroom 1 bath it is almost 1,000. And people have to share the apartment so they can pay the half of it.
People in this are are a great community they love animals and they love go to the parks to make family reunions, friends reunions etc.
Well, the crime is not a thing that you see daily here because it is a safe area, maybe I don't see the police so much but when they are needed they come very quickly
The things that I like the most of here is the people, most of them the teachers, because they are so nice and they helped me a lot. And support me when the things was going bad.
Cops are always around so if you call in a complaint they are really fast in responding. They want to keep the area safe and make it a good place to raise a family.
I love how the neighbors watch out for everyone and it's close to parks. You can also walk to the nearest grocery store and if you don't have a car it's really close to a bus stop.
I love the weather and snow. I prepare for snow but many others dont and have issues.
The town is very pet frienldy, in my neighborhood ethnic divisions keep people seperate and inhibit a sense of community.
It is a very diverse area with individuals from all walks of life.
The city of Denver is welcoming and has many options, my neighborhood is mainly low income ethnic minorities that are not as keen on welcoming out of towners.
Many houses are close together, fires could quickly spread from house to house. There are many low income housing units that are unkept.
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There are a lot of options. Many of the options are not that healthy.
More people equals more problems. My neighborhood is somewhat of a nowmans land inbetween more affluent neighborhoods and many things are often overlook.
Being in a big city you have lots of options, it seems that large populations create anonymity and few buisness offer personal customer service experiences.