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I love it here I'm lived, here almost my whole life. It's close to Uptown Charlotte, Charlotte Transportation Center and the Lynx Blue Line.
Villa Heights is a rapidly growing area close to the uptown of Charlotte NC. There is a wide range of residents, from families to students to established young professionals. There are many neighborhood activities that are open to newcomers as well. Its easily accessible to the new light rail system in Charlotte too. The only thing I would change is the construction, but it will be over soon and we will be ready to use our new public transportation!
No area goes without crime, so its not good or bad just okay. The Crime in the area isn't as bad as it once was and its becoming safer.
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I love where I live, mainly because everything is near me and the location is wonderful
People have lived for Decades.
There's a lot of diversity here. But the new neighbors don't talk or communicate with the veterans neighbors. They try to uproot us by making us sell and they buy our property. This was once a close-kit neighborhood in the past, everyone looked out for each other. Nowadays, it's not like that.
Overall, I love my city and where I live. I'm here to stay.
The Police spend too much time threatening and killing the innocent than putting the real criminals behind bars.
No hiking trails,wildlife/national parks and too much pollution.
Food & Drinks are great here.
There's no sidewalks in my neighborhood.
New neighbors come here they try to uproot, bribe and buy the veteran neighbors out of the neighborhood.They don't talk to the veteran neighbors. They try to change everything here and they make the taxes go up.
They make low-income families pay to much for it.
Police are very rude they threaten the innocent.
It's a lot of Drug Dealers, Drug users and Alcoholics in my Area who make excuses not to get a Real Job and not Sell or use drugs in the neighborhood. Some of them the money is tight so they have a Job, but they sell drugs on the side. Some of them are Felons which is against protocol or the law for some places of employment to let them work there. Note a great deal of neighbors who are still living here since my Grandma's time, aren't Drug Dealers, Drug users or Alcoholics and they have Great Jobs. The Majority of the Older Neighbors and some younger one's don't sell or use drugs and aren't alcoholics. But I don't like Drug Dealers, Drug Users and Alcoholics.