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i personally enjoy living in this area, the weather to me is perfect. Not to hot or too cold. In the area where i live in everything is so close. Shopping areas or supermarkets are an easy access here in Everett.
Public services are fairly decent in the area.
Fairly old neighborhood, so property is large.
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There are some crimes around here, but fairly safe
If you like a very temperate climate this is it.
Not the best area for nightlife.
Most people can get a job, some traveling though.
The large grocery stores are very nice.
Everybody in this area of course do different things for living, there are a lot a of teachers since we live in a area of many elementary schools. There are somewhat a variety of job openings especially at fast food restaurants and stores at the mall. It just depends on the type of job that you would like.
in the area where I live I have everything I need very close, if I ever need groceries or if I need to go to the pharmacy its only a 2 min drive. I feel safe because I have several clinics and hospitals that are very close and are very helpful. The most popular place of course is the mall which includes a variety of stores,it is only 10 minutes away from my home.We also have the famous boeing company 5 minutes away which is very cool. I love living in the area I am because it has everything we need close by.