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Victoria is a very peaceful, quiet neighborhood. I dislike, however,that most people don't seem to know or interact with their neighbors and that many amenities are not within walking distance.
As a women I always feel safe. If I'm driving late at night and felt unsafe can drive to any of the nearby police stations. In my experience the police are fair and just.
I enjoyed the slower paced city. However, the education system needs to catch up to city's such as Los Angeles.
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Riverside is a safe community. I am not concerned with any issues of safety. I am able to go jogging in my neighborhood without feeling unsafe.
Riverside is a great place to live. I would definitely live in Riverside if I could do it all over again. Riverside compared to other places in the country is perfect because it has a balance of cold and warm temperatures. It is also both close to the desert area such as Palm Springs and the beach like Santa Monica. I feel like Riverside is becoming better every year.
You feel safe here. Of course things happen just like anywhere else but there is a definite sense of community and people taking care of people.
The weather is good most of the time. Many options for the outdoors.
Nothing needs to be changed.
Nothing needs to be changed.
Nothing needs to be added.
Not much crime occurs, but when it does the neighborhood comes together to help.
Typical California weather. Sometimes there are small storms.
Not many, "big name" attractions come through town.
I don't drink or club, but there are some affordable options for dining.
For the most part, Public Services are very nice in this area.
There are some coyotes, some litter, and some unpleasant things but for the most part it is a nice area.
Being a high school student, I was pretty involved in the community life, and it was a pretty good community life.
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There are many average houses here, not too many run-down places.
This area has many gym and fitness options located conveniently.
This area includes much diversity in the people.