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The neighborhood is clean and has a friendly environment. People seem to be friendly but the gates are a little annoying and slow.
at this time I don't no what to say but alright
I know this year two people got killed and last one a kid drown, but there are other areas that feel less safe than this.
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Fort Lauderdale/Florida is alright, but that is not where I would want to stay all my life; that is why im following my education, goals, and dreams/
Living so close to the beach is great because we always have a wonderful view of the ocean. Our city has a great beach cleanup program, which I personally have helped out with. The beaches are generally very clean. The parks are also kept very clean. Some parks are nicer and newer than others but the majority of them are very well kept. Birch State Park is a really beautiful and well run park that highlights the nature but also provides fun activities for the people visiting. I think littering is our biggest pollution problem in our area.
Police are constantly driving around certain areas, however they only seem to patrol higher income areas. They should also be around lower income areas where crime is higher so they can maybe prevent the crime from happening. In most areas burglary is the most popular crime, including car break ins. However, I generally feel very safe in the area that I live in.
I think that the police and fire stations do a good job of being on time and where they are supposed to be. There are lots of cop cars constantly surveying neighborhoods and city areas. I think that our city officials so do a better job of caring and providing more for the lower income citizens and watching over the homeless.
The thing about living in Florida is that it is insanely humid all the time. You get used to it mostly, but it still can be a huge inconvenience. Some people like that it's all summer all the time, but it would be nice to have some sort of differentiation of the seasons. It also rains quite a bit, and usually when it rains it pours. However, it's more often than not beach weather which is great. We never have to worry about snow or the cold weather. We get to wear shorts and t-shirts all the time.
As a minor, I'm not fully aware about the employment opportunities in the area. I have had a job as a swimming instructor for almost two years, but this is just a temporary job. I know there are lots of job opportunities in retail and in the food industry. However, I don't know about the availability of jobs or what the majority of jobs are in the area for those looking for a career. There are many realtors though.
Especially on Las Olas Boulevard, there are many great restaurants and the nightlife is really interesting and classy. One of my favorite restaurants is La Bonne Crepe, a little French restaurant that makes really great crepes. Also, at Beach Place and along A1A at Ft. Lauderdale beach there are a lot of cool restaurants and bars. The night life at the beach is entertaining and fun.
Living in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, there is no shortage of stores in the area. On practically every corner there is a Walgreens, a Publix, a CVS, or a Speedy's that one can go to to pick up goods. There aren't many mom-and-pop shops around, most are big companies. These big companies however are ran very well. The stores in the area are clean and well-kept. The majority of employees there are pleasant and helpful. Overall I'm very satisfied with how the businesses in my area are run.
Police presence is definitely strong. I can walk down the street at anytime and feel safe.
If you're looking for entry level position food service job they are plentiful. There are 3 large airports in the 20 mile area so aviation work is great. There are jobs everywhere.
Local businesses near my residence are excellent. Whether you are looking for expensive 5 star dinner or an authentic sushi roll, you can find everything. We tailor a lot towards tourism, but if you know where to go there are great local shops and restaurants that really stand out.