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The crime and safety from my experience is not at all a problem but if it was the police and city itself would most probably take precaution in order to insure the citizens well being
The area I live in is a very nice area and has a small town feel even though it is in the middle of a big city. I would probably live here in the future rather than moving else where because I am familiar and comfortable with the area.
Most of the jobs in this area would have to be retail jobs or jobs for the restaurants or mom & pop shops.
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It's a nice quiet community however, this is my fathers house so I do not plan to live here forever. I only plan to stay here until I have returned form college and can support myself with my own housing ...
For the most part, the biggest thing in montrose (suburb of glendale) is their strip of restaurants and retail shops they have on honolulu street. Some new places have popped up and they're great for going out for a bite to eat or to just walk around.
Most of the neighbors seem a bit older and therefore have probably been living here for a long time. There are a lot of pets within the neighborhood due to the amount of people I see exercising with their dogs. There aren't really any community events since everyone seems to keep to themselves but here and there, there are garage sales that neighbors and I have had recently due to the summer time coming around.
Although I just moved here, I have never heard of anything taking place in this neighborhood that would make me fear for my safety at all. Everyone seems pretty laid-back and keeps to themselves as a neighborhood.
I haven't met a lot of people since moving here, but so far most of the neighbors appear to be white or of european ethnicity.
Most of the people I see exercising would probably be mostly women and they're usually walking their dog(s). Other than that there are a few people who run or jog. There aren't any gyms near by the exercise at that I know of or a hospital really close by that Im aware of.
Most of the houses on the street that I live on are pretty small and close together. It can make parking a difficulty and has lead to people literally parking in front of my driveway so that my family cannot pull out of our drive way to leave. Inside the houses they're pretty small, but livable so that is not the biggest concern.
Traveling in Glendale as a city can be somewhat dangerous, especially for pedestrians due to an influx of expensive car owners who appeal to have the need to speed too much possibly to show the assets or capabilities of their cars. Specifically at the address I live at, the streets leading to residencies only provide enough space for one car since the parking areas of the streets take up most of the road therefore only leaving room for one car to be traveling at a time up or down the hill of the streets.
It's hard for a teenager with no experience to get a job.
There aren't a lot of chain stores close to me, but there are some in downtown Glendale.