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I love living here in Vermont. Everyone is genuinely friendly. Something I would like to change would be try to stop the littering towards the mountains.
The area has much nicer buildings and tends to be much safer than other parts of the city.
With the college so close, there are quite a few nice parks to take your kids in the afternoon.
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There have been more crimes in the recent months, but the community communicates frequently and it is starting to scare the criminals away. The community leaders are starting a neighborhood watch program currently.
In my area, the houses are taken care of quite well. On a street of fifty people, there are usually only three houses maximum that are poorly maintained.
The weather is absolutely beautiful but living so close to the mountains there are quite a few hazards awaiting-earthquakes, especially.
All of the eateries are in a bad part of town.
There are not a lot of opportunities for business in San Bernardino.
There is not a lot to do in the area. In order to find businesses you have to enter into the bad part of the city of drive out of town altogether.
The amount of resturants are great and I love going out to eat.
Our employment rate isn't the greatest
Most businesses in this are very people friendly.
The weather is okay here. there are no major natural disasters. The worse natural disasters here are frequent earthquakes; however, they are usually not catastrophic. When it rains here, the road become easily flooded.
I would not want to live here for a long period of time. There is not much to do. No quality stores of restaurants. There is some crime because it is in San Bernardino. In the future, I would hope that this area becomes more lively; however, I do not see that happening. It will more than likely go downhill from here.
Not much that a visitor would like here.

not many attractions.

The best thing here is the high school and college football games.
There is a Denny's near by.. but that's about it.

must travel over 10 miles for a good restaurant.

a lot of fast food.

not many options for nightlife.
2 recent homicides.

a lot of theft in the stores.

not many break ins.

we need a neighborhood watch,

the streetlights are frequently out on this street at night.
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most popular store is walmart and it is horrible. Too many solicitors and derelicts.

Ralphs has expired items on the shelves and bad produce.

Many times traveling to another city is required to get quality merchandise.
There are many hiking trails nearby

the nearby parks are kind of bad

no nearby national or wildlife parks

pollution is moderate
very local fire stations

no bus access near my house

local reps are okay