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Venice is a great place to grow up. Having lived there for more than half my life, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather live. The people are vibrant and full of life, even if it's to the extreme, and there's always something to do. Another part of what makes Venice so amazing is that it has a kind of small-town feel even though it's part of one of the biggest cities in the world, in Los Angeles. Furthermore, the culture of town continues to go through a shift and growth, but authenticity that remains there, even in small pockets is something to be admired and is truly special.
This place is a very fun place to visit. Especially the beach there. It is full of entertainment and a good place to go with family and friends to spend time and have fun together.
Venice is quaint and Very Quiet. There are tons of things to do, since it is a beach community. The climate is awsome, never hotter than 76, always a beautiful breeze blowing, no A/C needed. However, it is NOT, by any means an affordable place to live, and the traffic on the weekends is atrocious, and the crime rate is high, due to all the homeless people hanging about... but I would not give it up for anything...
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Venice is very unique in that it feels like a small town in the big city. Lots of art, shops and down to earth people.
Venice is an extremely diverse area. This is evident through the near endless amount of restaurants with different cuisine. The beach is nearby and always provides a fun time in Los Angeles weather. The best thing about Venice is the rising biking infrastructure. As an avid bicyclist, I adore the safety for bikers on Venice Blvd. and along this beach. I enjoy it so much because having a safe biking lane allows me to take my nervous friends on bike rides with me.
Great food and a really fun place, especially loved the First Friday celebrations. Houses are quite expensive though.
I've lived in Venice my entire life and I've had a great experience. I went to a great public school and have never had any safety problems. I have always been able to walk around the neighborhood without feeling unsafe. There are a lot of houses around, mostly families, I would babysit for many families in the area.
I have been living in Venice for about 2 years now and I can say that it has its pros and cons. Venice has a reputation for being dirty but seems to be trying to clean up the area. Lincoln is the main road that has most of the traffic along with Venice and Washington. Being about 2 miles from the beach is great but with the amount of tourists in the area is just a nuisance. A lot of crime usually involves the homeless. I cant see raising a family in this type of area with all the commotion in the community. Real estate is hard to find with prices up on the rise. Venice is a diverse area with plenty of nightlife. To me, Venice is a place for tourists and wealthy individuals.
Great community feel. Access to the beaches and shops all within walking distance. Large population of drug users and homeless.
Venice is a prime area in that it is close to a lot of great restaurants and locations. Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, the Grove, Downtown Culver City, and Sony Pictures are all very close by. However, as for Venice itself, safety is a problem. The neighborhood is not very safe nor very family friendly.
We’ve lived in Venice for 24 years now and can’t imagined living any place else. It was still a little gritty when we moved here but coming from Brooklyn I was able to recognize what was just a little rough around the edges and what was truly dangerous.

Yes it had a higher than average crime rate at the time BUT it had a vibrant art scene and bohemian feel, I could live walking distance to the beach and unlike a lot of Los Angeles in the early ‘90’s it had a real neighborhood feel. My neighbors not only knew each other but looked out for each other.

Having been “discovered” and branded one of the “coolest neighborhoods” in the country has had its positives and negatives. On the up side even more restaurants and cool shops are moving in and Crome is WAY down but it’s now an expensive trendy place where my kids can’t afford rent let alone a mortgage.
Venice is an exceptional place to live. There is a different mentality by the beach and the evolution of the area over the last few decades is astounding. The area was previously plagued with drug dealers and gang warfare but now the ugly most seen is boardwalk muggings and hipsters everywhere. Although the cost of living in the area has gone up to inconceivable levels, at least there isn't semi automatic gunfire disrupting the area at night.
I love this town in LA! I visited there on a Friday night and had dinner on the beach at a small restaurant! It was great! I love to people watch and there was ton of people to watch! There were alot of homeless people moving in to spend the night as the night grew later. Beach is beautiful!
Recently visiting Venice for a birthday vacation I had high expectations. Was I disappointed? YES!!! There were a lot of great things about Venice, such as the beach and restaurants, but the city was soooo filthy!!! Sadly, there are a lot of homeless people along the beach that also have dogs leaving an awful smell because of lack of cleanliness. I would be very disappointed if I owned one of the multi-million dollar homes and had someone ruining my front flower beds and property value. If visiting that area I recommend going further from Venice maybe towards Santa Monica where it is much nicer and safer.
Venice is freaky, fun, and a great place to hang out. The beach is wonderful but the Venice Canals are probably the most beautiful part. If you're lucky you might find the hidden walk streets near Abbot Kinney!
My experience in Venice overall has been quite interesting. I do love that I'm only a mile walk from the beach, but the homeless people in Venice constantly badger me. I've been hit in the face with clothing items by homeless individuals while on my way to the corner coffee shop. I've also been spit on. All this occurred while minding my own business. So while there are many fun places to shop in Venice the homeless population are a colorful group of individuals.
I love all the diversity that there is in Venice. You go to the Boardwalk and there is always something new there. The skatepark is one of my favorite places to go and watch the skaters practice their tricks. Everyone is very friendly with each other and people tend to help each other out.
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Venice used to be a sleepy beach town, but has now been gentrified. The good part of that is that there are lots of cool restaurants and shops. The bad news is that the cost of living has skyrocketed. Visit Venice, but don't get your hopes up about living there.
Venice is a beautiful place, right by the ocean and shops. Very diverse with people visiting from all over.
Beautiful and lively place to live for adults not going to school. Very expensive. LAUSD/public schools are not very good.