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The police are fast and can be seen throughout the area.
The area is clean. The neighbors are friendly.
if i had more time, i'd definitely go see more.
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i haven't had to have much use of it
not quite sure how to review them
could be better to help veterans find work
it seems to be the same as other places
There is a pretty high murder rate.
It's Florida. So there are bugs outside that will eat you, alligators and snapping turtles, along with snakes. It will rain all the time in the summer. Conversely, there's water every where, beautiful flowers and sunsets, and it doesn't snow. So it balances out.
Transportation can be an issue in Jacksonville, because everything is so spread out. Often resources are not grouped within walking distance, so is almost always necessary to have a bike, car, or use public transportation. And if you choose to use the bus system you can rely on it taking 3-4 hours to get where you are going, even if it is not a far trip.
There are many gym facilities in the area, as well as many schools and employers giving access to workout equipment.
Jacksonville has a wide variety of people, which is not surprising considering it's location and size.
There are many locally owned business, whose owners try their hardest to please the customer.
As a teenage girl with no professional experience, it is very hard to find a job at all.