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really nothing it is a richy area. the nightlife is ok. the job oberity is very low.
the people in this area are snobs.
It's a great place with a wonderful climate and a diverse population. I'm happy to call myself a Vancouverite.
Vancouver Heights is a small subset neighborhood that is located within the greater Vancouver, WA area. It it a beautiful place within close proximity to multitudes of great restaurants, workout gyms, great public schools, and shopping. This area is one that I would love to move back to and raise a family in. The one thing that I would try to change about Vancouver Heights is the traffic that can build up in the morning rush when your trying to get to the highways. I think their should be changes made in the number of routes to get to someplace especially to Portland. In my experience the majority of people commute to the Portland Metro area everyday for work and other important things and it would be beneficial to have other ways to get there. Perhaps an additional access bridge or other roads to get you to the existing bridges (i205 and i5). But I would say in all, Vancouver Heights is a great choice for living.
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I've lived in this neighborhood my whole life. as the years have passed people have come in and out of the neighborhood. I wouldn't say it's a bad area to live but it could use a little work in the presentation.
I like it because its quiet. what I would like to see more of is mixed families and people of color.
Ellsworth springs is a area that has been growing rapidly. The character has changed from a wooded rural neighborhood to one with condos, and apartments on one side of the street to dense zoning on the other. Still with all the changes it is home, reasonably peaceful with a store within walking distance.
I have gotten my car stolen before, but that is pretty much it.
If you're looking for the perfect balance between city-living and country side then look no further! Its a city small enough to be engaged within your community yet large enough for those family getaways! Its the great northwest so expect heavy rain and a hippy or 2, at every turn.