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I was born and raised in Van Nuys. Their are a lot of hidden gems and their is a great culture variation in shopping plazas.
Currently living across from Grant High School. Kind of a cool quirk because they shot the movie "DOPE" at the school! But after living in numerous parts of L.A. I would definetely say that this area is SO FAR the cleanest, NO BUGS...(yes that's usually a problem), pretty quiet and safe. Close to a lot of good restaurants with a 30 minute bike ride, 7-15 minute drive/uber away depending on where you go. It's a bit pricey but im paying for the 0 amount of bugs and peace of mind. Oh, and for you Hollywood lovers, it's only about 20 minutes away!
Good food at affordable rates, variety of choices. Heavy traffic most of the day little to no parking at most places. Open more parking spots. Create more lanes.
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It’s a diverse community. You can find anything here, from restaurants to plenty of shopping areas. It’s a great place to explore.
I was born in Van Nuys and raised I have great childhood memories especially during the summer, spending time at the public pool or just playing tag with my friends outside. I do wish it was just like back when I was a kid. I do feel it has changed so much you have a lot of people with money buying property here changing things.
Van Nuys has been my home since I was born. It is not utterly terrible as other may expect. Many people here are mostly kind, and helpful. Streets are sometimes littered with trash.
Neighborhoods were nice, seems to be like a nice area. Lots of great restaurants of a nice variety. The metro station is so good and gives access to other stations as well. Streets are mostly clean with a few not so good areas here and there.
The city does look a little torn down. There is not enough being done to help the homeless in Van Nuys, there is a lot of homeless. There are plenty of specialty schools and programs for the youth. Than is a great thing about the area. The city puts much effort here. However, the teachers in the standard public schools are horrible and so disinterested in teaching children. Same can be said for the principals.
Prostitution, drugs, homelessness, outrageously unaffordable, pollution, 24/7 traffic, constant noise, lacking in almost every possible way. I have been (and, sadly, still am) a resident for 25 years and am trapped in pure garbage. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away as possible, unless you're visiting someone in the county jail, have a court appearance or are summoned for jury duty.
One benefit to living in Van Nuys is that it is very walkable, and has many different mom-and-pop shops and restaurants, but also has a fair share of well-known chains. Van Nuys is great, geographically, because it is central to The West Side (e.g. Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood), as well as Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, North and Granada Hills, making it easy to get to work (as long as you don't get stuck in LA traffic)!
On the other hand, I do not always feel safe in Van Nuys. The east side of Van Nuys is more run down than the west side. I would not feel comfortable walking down the street by myself at night, and for that reason, I never do. Overall, the area is about average in terms of cleanliness and traffic as compared to other neighboring areas. Unfortunately the schools are very poor quality in this area. Many families live here, and have their children attend schools outside of the area, or private schools.
Van Nuys is a chill area but not the best. If I’m being honest there isn’t much do here. One good thing is that there’s a lot of stores and places to eat close to you where ever you are. The city could be a lot more cleaner & have less homeless people around.
There are pockets of sketchy areas in Van Nuys, however for the most part it is a great place to afford a nice-sized home (in a safe neighborhood) with a broad selection of quality educational opportunities.
There has been some projects completed in recent years that improved the reputation of Van Nuys. I think there is still a ways to go to become more of a destination of things for people to enjoy. Fine dining, entertainment, theaters, outdoor malls and things of that nature would greatly improve Van Nuys. There are some very nice areas but there are still some neighborhoods and business areas that could use a face lift.
Van Nuys is a community within the San Fernando Valley that is going through considerable change, new apartment buildings are constantly on the rise and what this is bringing is a rise in awareness of cleanliness and safety. Safety used to be an issue within many of the streets but this is no longer the case.
I live in an apartment in Van Nuys. There is a park two block away, and while walking my dogs I have met many other dog owners and become friends with them. The other people who live in my building are nice, and the experiences that I have had with local law enforcement have been good.
Live in this neighborhood for 22 years feel good. Nice people , I have my family here very close and my pet max love this area to do his walking. Went to school near where I live
The San Fernando valley in general gets underrated when compared to downtown Los Angeles in terms of housing neighborhood artists and community involvement. However there are many opportunities where the people of Van Nuys can truly benefit the youths of the city through offering safe spaces in after school programs for extensive learning. There is a local art studio el Natural which a perfect art-community space for youths to come together and share ideas.
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I love living in Van Nuys and I have been living here since I was a baby. The community here is really nice, no one bothers you and it is very peaceful. The people are also very nice. Van Nuys is very spread out which is nice because there is different communities and people all over. Van Nuys is really cool and diverse filled with so many passionate people who all care about one another.
I love the diversity of my neighborhood. Also can not beat the weather and location. There are great ethnic restaurants, movie theaters , small theater groups. Also it has a great community center and park.
Some people really care about the community while it is obvious that others have no interest. If the community were more family friendly and united, it would be a better place.