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My experience with Van Nuys is satisfactory. I do not live in the safest area, but my neighborhood in particular is very friendly and loving. I trust my neighbors to watch my pets or lock the house for me. On the other hand, there are many crimes going on at all times. There are police checks on my street every day and mail is stolen often from my mailbox.
I like where I live. It's not loud or has crowded streets like other neighborhoods. Everything you need is fairly close to your house.
i’ve lived here since 1997. i’ve seen it’s highs and it’s lows. for a good 10 years there was peace. nowadays, all you hear is horn honking and accidents and helicopters. i would love to see an improvement on housing. lower the rents. that way people don’t have to risk homelessness anymore.
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Van Nuys is too busy and over crowded. Not the best place to live with over crowded apartments and no parking, streets are dirty.
I have lived here my whole life and it is an okay neighborhood. There are plenty of stores around that you can go shopping that is cheap. There are really good restaurants around here that sell great food at a reasonable price. The people I live around aren't loud and nice. There are a lot of dogs around in this neighboorhood are pleasant and enjoyable to have around. The only thing is that it gets dangerous to walk around at night and there is a homeless issue around here.
I grew up in Van Nuys all my life. Over the years the homelessness has increased and it's not as safe to walk at night as before.
Van nuys is a very good town. i have lived here for about 6 years moving from los angeles. rent is very high though. rent is very high in all los angeles in general. one of the downsides is that there is always street sweeping either on monday or friday on my street so during that time cars cant be parked on that side of the street.
Great people and a nice place to live there! The society is welcoming and neighbors are there to help you adapt to a new environment. The food is fabulous and I am happy to rate this neighborhood 5 stars.
Lived my whole life in Van Nuys. Convenient city in the Valley to get to other bigger cities around.
I have lived here for two years now and have liked it a lot. The city itself is a little old looking and not very renovated but I live in a great location close to the freeway and everything I need for day to day necessities. Unfortunately there are a lot of homeless in the area but i have come to terms with that just being a part of living in Los Angeles.
Honestly, my neighborhood has good people in it but sometimes it can be dangerous. Van Nuys isn’t the safest neighborhood but it does provide many resources such as stores, parks, restaurants, churches, etc.
Van Nuys has been my home all my life. What I like about my city is the diversity of people in it. This diversity enables us to learn about other people , communities, and cultures. It is a small city, but it is full of life and many things to do. One thing I would change about Van Nuys would be the amount of help the city gives to the homeless. There are a lot of people living on the streets without a home and I think that the city as a whole could do a lot more to help those people in need.
This place isn't all bad. Some streets are definitely much more dangerous than others, but I like to look on the bright side. The police and fire department is no more than two miles away. We're the perfect distance away from the chaotic streets of Hollywood. We have great family-owned restaurants on every corner. Van Nuys is a melting pot of many cultures. It's home.
There are very good schools, if you have children who attempt to take multiple AP classes; I recommend Van Nuys High School. There is a wide variety of stores and restaurants. If community work is a factor, there is a friendly animal shelter where you can volunteer!
I love that you can walk at any time during the day or night and feel safe. I enjoy the entertainment you need is within a 30 minute driving distance, DTLA, Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags, College of the Canyons, the pantegous, etc!
The neighborhood is a really safe and great place. It is fairly clean and all other neighbors living nearby are very respectful and don't make any noise or disruptions. The streets are usually very quiet and peaceful which is a great thing for someone who doesn't like loud and rambunctious streets.
I live on a quiet block with beautiful homes and great neighbors. But there's a lot of recreation options: tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, the Japanese garden, dog parks, youth centers, gyms, the balboa lake, trails, bike paths, and a golf course. Traffic is worsening due to the steady growth in population.
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I've lived in this city my whole life and I've witnessed most changes this neighborhood. It's always been considered a low-class area since the environment is not of good quality and most minorities live here. It's hard to manage in this type of area since there's not many opportunities, but there's change to come.
I like that there is a residential area that is quiet, has easy street parking, and feels safe enough to walk during the days and evenings. Even though there is a large residential section, there is still a great deal of businesses and restaurants around, making shopping easily accessible.
I have lived here for close to 10 years. A lot has changed but for the better. fMany new restaurants are popping up everywhere and the healthy options are becoming greater than most of the unhealthy fast food options. Van Nuys High School is a great school assuming that you are getting into the Magnet Programs (it has three).