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its okay< it has change through the years
everything is close. restaurants, library, hospitals etc.
I would have loved to grow up here, its very peaceful and safe to go outside late at night. There isn't any gang violence or constant crimes happening.
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I ilke the community bond.
There isn't that much crime in the area but if I was to drive 10 minutes south of my area, I would notice a difference. The crime rate south of my neighborhood is visible.
There is a nice park where many people go jogging and red their bikes. It is also family friendly.
Weather does not greatly impact the area. They are moderate.
There is almost every well known restaurant available
There aren't that many great paying jobs in the area
My area is pretty convenient and has everything.
The crimes are visible and so are the police which really doesn't add up to me.
Most people in my community keep to their selves. The best would an occasional hello and sometimes even a head nod. They make noise at all hours of the day. My first weekend living there the man that lived above me was robbed. Then the next week a man was shot on the corner, this area gets quiet then goes all the way back up.
The weather is average mostly windy not anything to severe. When it rains the streets become very dangerous and not recommended to drive in due to slippery roads. The snow is heavy and is difficult for pedestrians. When it comes to the summer there is a ton of sun exposure.
The food is mostly acceptable but not in a healthy manner. Most spots look filthy and the smell wont bring you in your appetite will. The employees seem cool but mostly speak to each other in Arabic, it leaves you wondering what are they doing to your food. They have reasonable closing hours but the later it is the more people come out stealing and smoking.
Rarely see any job opportunities you have to check on it to know if anything is available. Most businesses are family orientated not looking to hire outsiders unless they absolutely have to. I have lived here for over 4 years and haven't found a job. Most stores that open close within a month the only secure business is the grocery stores.
There are few stores and limited options. Run by grocery stores not a variety. Lots of gang activity outside every deli, cops constantly making arrest on the big avenue. The neighborhood is flooded with the smell of marijuana and the people are mostly disrespectful. Only one supermarket and it is run poorly rather travel to another one.
Things are good here where I live
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Never had a job around here so I don't know
most jobs required experience and some young people have no experience that's very discouraging to most people
most local business around here are very affordable such as the 99 cent stores, grocery store, pizza stores and some restaurant