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cost of living is average in this area. there are no abonded houses left. Utilities are average also. this is the best area to live in.
this area is very pet friendly. The community likes to get together on occasions to celbrate holidaies.
crime has really gone down in the past three years dued to restructure of the neighborhood.
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This is a great area to raise your children. Schools are good and housing afforable.I would choose to live here to bring up my family. There is little growth left compared to the rest of the vally.
the police are somewhat visible and are a part of the community but they cannot always help. the department has a bit of a allocations of funds issue to the fact that we do not have enough officers in some cases.
While Henderson is not a complete hell-hole I would not choose to live here if i could make said choice. I am planning to move within the next 3 years. The crime rate is bad but manageable and i live in one of the not-so-good areas of town with my family because the house was cheap when my grandfather bought it.
It is a bit dark and scary at night. I don't like walking twenty minutes in 100 degree heat to get to the bus stop. Luckily there is a convenient Wal-Mart just across the street.
I do love our neighborhood where we live in. Henderson is a better place to live in than Vegas. But they do need to fix up some of the roads and especially the freeway.
overall, I don't ever see anything like habit destruction, and the mountains are beautiful to look at during certain times of the day
Besides the occasional tagging and stealing, I have never seen any really bad crimes in this area.
My family, and me have been invited to big events like the Halloween barbecue, and things of that venue, but not many others thing, I know about.
The weather is very dry in the Las Vegas region of Nevada . Fortunately it is not vey humid.
I have had a job since I was 16, and I have continued working there because I feel comfortable around the people i work with.
Most of the Businesses around are friendly, and great at customer service, sometimes they mess up, which is perfectly understandable, no ones prefect.
Ir rarely rains and it's mostly sunny and hot
Many places only hire part time or seasonal help
Many places to choose from
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Never ride the bus so I don't know the routes
I haven't been employed yet.
Mostly chain fast food restraunts