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Little to no crime. Some break ins every now and then and some shoplifting, however the dangerous crime is nowhere near.
Pleasanton is a great community. Not too large so you will get to know your neighbors and people you continually run into, but not too small where you will know everyone's business.
Lots of choices of big retail, chains and small business owners.
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Pet friendly, many options to turn to for support, suggestions, etc.
BART, bus, freeways, walking, bike lanes
Pleasanton isn't near any big outdoor recreational areas but it has wildlife, racoons, ducks, skunks, wild turkeys, geese, opossums, egrets, etc.
Not much to do for entertainment other than meet people for food.
Very suburban, high emphasis on competitive youth sports, lots of parks, people walk around a lot, rides bikes, walk dogs. Everybody knows everybody else. Generally friendly, helpful people, environmentally correct when it comes to recycling. However, residents are obsessed with getting the latest mobile phone and spend an enormous amount of time texting, posting in FB, etc. Mostly Christian based but by title/association more than actual church involvement.
The salaries tend to be higher than many Bay Area cities but lower than Silicon Valley tech jobs and lower than San Francisco salaries. Some fields are highly impacted such as teachers and other educators.