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Not too much to any type of crime or safety concerns in this area. The police are visible and can be seen driving around during the day or just parked in different areas. Not too much crime due to the location of the street in which most of the businesses are set up. The street is somewhat of a main street, therefore committing a crime can for the most apart be easily seen.
I live in a very urban area, with many different types of people, which is both good and bad. In my neighborhood specifically, there seems to be quite a bit of crime. Although I have never been a victim of a violent crime, I do hear about many other people who have been, which makes me walk around cautiously, especially at night. I see police driving around a few streets over (in the main streets) but I hardly ever see police offices patrolling my neighborhood.
I like this area because there are so many different types of people, I love that we have four seasons (and cold winters, especially!). When I was younger, I wanted to move to a more suburban area (maybe Florida?), but now that I am older, I can appreciate the city/urban life and culture much more. If I were to move somewhere else, it would only be because I want to live in a larger city.
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I lived on the hill so the flooding never effected me. The only down side was when the roads were icy.
Walking down the block you can notice the empty houses.
I don't know about this....................................
My neighborhood doesn't offer those things, but downtown does.
once you make a effort to do something, it will be worth living there.
The state parks are always cleaned, but the local parks are very messy.
There are not a lot of fitness center in this neighborhood.
There is not a lot of diversity in this community. It is mostly Hispanic people.
There are a lot of places to shop. Makes it easier to walk around.
Recycling is a big issue in my community. The state is doing a great job, making sure that every one recycled.
there is no activities held in my neighborhood.
This neighborhood used to be very bad, but the cops have helped decrease the crime level.
We have good public service. The only down side is that the roads are not completely fixed.