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I believe my neighborhood has good spacing of houses. The houses are also very well kept.
I believe the community could benefit from more community health events. I also believe more public gyms would help.
My neighbors are always watching each other's houses. It makes me feel very good about where I live.
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Iowa 's weather is pretty unpredictable. We get all four seasons. In the summer it can be pretty hot and in the winder it can get as low as 20 degrees below zero.
I believe that my area has quite a bit of nightlife if you can find it. My favorite restaurant for food would be a little restaurant close by my house but for atmosphere I would say ledgends sports bar and grill.
In my area there are a variety of jobs available. There are many minimum wage job opportunities especially.
Typically we have really great business in my area. I can normally get anything I need within a few miles. Everyone is very friendly and products are typically in stock.