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Valley Hi / North Laguna Reviews

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I enjoy living here! Shopping, freeways, and public transportation are all very close. We have good schools and good people!
There are a few abandoned homes , some neighborhoods are worst than others. People dont take care of their homes lawns are kept up , illegal dumping .
People have come and gone and most likely continue. The neighborhood is pet friendly.
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There is drug deals being done on the streets, cars speeding down the streets , cars being vandalized, illegal dumping. i dont feel safe walking down to the park or even going to the park or taking a walk. Police are here and there occasionally. Would like police to patrol the neighborhoods in the area on occasion so they can see whats really going on during the day and maybe that would control some of the crime .
its ok, we have had are ups and downs ... If homeowners would control the people that they are renting to the neighborhoods wouldn't be so bad , they don't keep up with the homes and its not fair to those homeowners that have lived in those neighbors for many years. You have to watch who is coming in and out of the ,there sometimes no tranquility. If homeowners dont control their renters its just going to get worse with crime.
It's a great town, I just wish there was more to do here.
This area is very diverse and it has potential
The area is nice but there always seems to be traffic. There are buildings and more houses that are being built as of now and will only increase the area even more. I see my city getting bigger I just hope not over crowded.
The neighborhood is great and safe. It's very diverse and the we all know each other.
Most of my neighbors are at work during the day and when they are at home they are inside their homes. My next door neighbor to my left is sometimes outside on his phone and he is always yelling at the poor person on the other end, I can hear the conversation from my room. My other next door neighbors work at night so they sleep during the day.
The weather is great not too cold and not too hot. It starts to rain in late October and in November it starts to get cold. By December the temperature drops to around 50 degrees fahrenheit. In mid February it stops raining. The sunny weather begins in April. June and July have the hottest days.
I'm not 21 yet so I can't really review about bars but theres are great restaurants in Sacramento. Down the street there is a Golden Corral and across the freeway is a Texas Roadhouse. There are two Hometown Buffets but I like the one in Elk Grove, on Bruceville Rd., better. There are many restaurants around.
There are many job opportunities for people with experience for example I have never worked a day in 2 years therefore I have no experience and no one is willing to hire me.
There are not many mom-and-pop shops around but theres a Yogurtville. Next to it are Panda Express, Subway, and Jumba Juice. Other stores are Walgreens, Foods Co., and Goodwill. There are two Target stores nearby, one down the street and another in Elk Grove about 5 minutes away.
I feel like no one ever exercises or has a good diet and if they do its a very small percentage.
My community is quiet. We all know each other each and on rare occasions strange things tend to occur. People tend to live in the area for as many years as they ca and its reeky family friendly. Not a lot of pets are seen walking on the streets except when they are with their owners
we have the four seasons here in my area which include summer, autumn, winter, and spring. So we get a taste of which each feels like and i like it a lot.
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Food is good. Its all fast food so i wouldn't say its the healthiest but wingstop, in n out, the hobbit, and etc are the popular near by.
Employment in my area is limited. You can't go all out and say you are working on what you major. Small stores such as retail, groceries, gas stations, drugstores, fast food res are all over place and are what majority the community is made of.
Well i live between a low-in come community and a middle class community. If i go to the left side, all i see is liquor stores and poor quality shopping centers where everything is not well taken care of. On the other hand, the right side feels like a safer environment. The stores on that side have a better reputation and no liquor stores are around. Every sopping center is clean and well maintained.