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It's okay, I feel like it's pretty dangerous outside around night time. I usually don't walk around my neighborhood, it's scary. See a few hobos here and there.
Some insecurity, not much. It is a nice community for Latinos, but some big companies are trying to take over.
Nice houses, but very expensive...
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There are a lot of restaurants! Mexican and Vietnamese food is the most popular. A lot of fast food though and very unhealthy food. It is very hard to find vegetarian options for instance.
Because there are a lot of immigrants and undocumented people in need for jobs, they often perform any job presented to them. Consequently, they are often mistreated and paid very little. People continue working here because they yearn to send money to their families in their home country, want to earn at least the basics of survival, or are scared of being deported as it is with the undocumented communities.
They are all very dirty, but you can just ignore that and go through it