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Vale and Hamilton Hill Reviews

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there is crime but for the most part its contained within a few areas and beyond that its very nice here some of the police are bad but they usually are pretty good at reacting to crime alerts
it's almost always pretty good ever now and then we get too much or to little rain although it's not usually a huge disaster but more of an annoyance
it's a very fun place and while it has it's bad spots the natives tend to make it out as worse than it is i love all the artsy places and the high school has more arts electives than any other school in the state
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there's a ton of variety and quality places
meh they're ok but they could be better
It's very difficult to find any job at all
The variety ensures you can find anything
Job opportunities are okay in the area i work a part time job that works out with my school times and people around here usually find a job that helps them put food on the table maybe not great quality jobs but not many people in the area complain.
Schenectady is a very quiet atmosphere if you're an average person just visiting. It has it's goods and bads like every other city. The down town area is great lots of nice entertainment spots bars restaurants. However I would rather live in New York City because it has a livelier atmosphere.
there are drug addicts everywhere