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The public services are not very good, and the overall town is not really well kept seeing as how many of the roads are broken up and old.
If you'r looking for a bar to party and watch some sports, it's not here. Everything closes here very early and you don't have a lot of options of a nightlife, so you have to be creative on your own.
There not really any crimes becasus the people are very nice and there are a lot of families, but the infrastructure of the town is not very good, and it is hard for them to keep the streets better because of the lack of money.
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A lot of minimum wage jobs, and the market there is not very good. There are not any opportunities to grow while living there, you would have to go out of state to find those opportunities.
I think this is hard to know unless you really see everyone, but I notice that a lot of adults go to gyms, it is very popular here. A lot of fitness centers have opened up and that attracts a large population there, even for elderly people doing rehabilitation workouts.
A lot of great places to shop and a lot of good retail and local stores so it provides a good balance for the people who are willing to pay more and some who aren't willing to pay as much. Great variety too!
From the Bay area, we have a lot of good county and state parks and going to the Sierras is the only thing that is a little far away, but in 45 min your at the beach and 5 min you could be at a park!
Great safety and there is a good feeling of people wanting to improve, but most people who live here already are pretty good in those categories. They can afford to live here because it is a little bit more expensive than other surrounding areas.
Great housing, and there are many different houses to choose from. There are a lot of neighborhoods and great views and areas too. The newer houses have the modern, cookie cutter look to it, but the older ones form the 70s and 80s look neat as well, a little more simple. These all are great though!
Great diversity of people form everywhere. People are from neighboring cities, or from states nearby, and then plenty of them come from out of the country to work here in the Silicon Valley. A lot of diverse people brings a whole new feel to this city.
Probably one of the best areas I have ever driven in (I have been out of state and out of the country) and the roads are nice and new, wide-opened, and easy to drive on.
I guess the only thing that is missing here is a water park or something, but we have a lot. The County fair is held here and many other concerts and shows, it's great! Great mall, a lot of shopping centers.
It's a great place to live and have great people there. A lot of families live there which make the whole atmosphere more wholesome.