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There is not that much criminal activity around here only west of campus where the college students live.
I enjoy where I live on campus because I can go to school easily and wish I could live here all 4 years.
It's gross everywhere I go. The homeless population is way too high and too close to the popular places here. Too much constructions. I hate it.
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There is many places to go and things to do. Austin is not a small town.
I live in the city of Austin Texas. The cultural hub for all of Texas, and possibly the United States as a whole. This general area has the most diverse population of any place, where one can experience many cultures and ideas in a safe environment. If I could do it all over, I would still choose to live here. Out of any city in the US, this is my number one choice for a place to live. As for the future of this area, I believe that it will continue to grow in population and therefore diversity, and will just continue to become even more of a central cultural hub or the state of Texas and the United States.
The general atmosphere of Austin is great. The people here are eclectic, creative, and usually very kind. I live very near UT Austin's campus, so it's pretty crowded and expensive, but the further you get from campus I feel like the nicer Austin gets. There's a great variety of food, music, and things to do. The city is quickly expanding, and I'd definitely live here again if given the chance.
living in southern texas leaves next to zero worry abut the weather although weve had some pretty serious winters for texan people
if you need to get it, austin is the place to go
there are a lot of places here that will help you with finding a suitable job or become your suitable job
the places to eat in austin are very varied and you will have an excellent experience if you want to try something new one day
Austin has a very popular club scene. It also has a great music scene. It is maybe too popular for some, and I can imagine some people would not like it.
They're super busy, but student friendly.
There are lots of coupons that you can use
Great concerts, great food, great atmosphere, so much to do at the beach, the trails, the parks
There was definitely an atmosphere for exercise in the area
There's a great outdoor scene in Austin and lots to do
Dorm life, close to local restaurants, fairly secure.