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Naval Station Norfolk. Naval Station (NS) Norfolk, the world's biggest naval base, is situated in south-eastern Virginia in the Sewells Point peninsula of Norfolk city. The base was established in 1917 and covers an area of approximately 3,400 acres
It's a city a bit of crime is expected.
I enjoy it here, but it does have issues.
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I mean its pretty normal for New Orleans. There can be a lot of flooding and rain but thaw just normal. When its summer its rarely hot. In the winter it can freeze pipes because of the such harsh conditions.
Not so many community events are brought into the area. There is a lot of friendliness in the neighborhood. The neighborhood are pretty open they are often talking to and definetly keeping in contact with each other.
There are plenty parks spread out throughout the city. But the quality of the parks not so god. All the parks aren't necessarily good looking they lack grooming.
In my particular area there is no atrractions or anything big that would bring tourism. The actual city of New Orleans has pretty good tourisms such as the French Quarters, and constant festivities.
There are no activities, or just fun things to do. Its pretty hot so most people just want to stay in the house because of the weather.
The roads are terrible. There is a fire station right up the street so the reaction to police and fire stations are pretty good.
There aren't a lot of sidewalks, for all of the pedestrians walking the streets. NO big traffic concerns or congested issues till you get to the bridge.
There are a good amount of fast food restaurants on the main street. But going down a couple miles you will run into more of variety on actual restuarants.
The quality of he housing aren't t bad. They have a bit of bug issues, due to the empty lots. They are considered to be average cost for the houses in the neighborhood.
we don't have a workout facility near by. There is a park but its outdoor, and not technically safe.
People are pretty friendly in this neighborhood. Everyone talks to one another, and communicates.
There aren't too much crime in the neighborhood. There can be a few thefts here and there but nothing to serious.
Its not all that easy to find the job you want. Either your too educated or not enough educated.