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I do not live in downtown San Diego, which has more crime than my neighborhood. San Diego has less crime than most other cities I have lived in though.
I love the area I live in; however, there is not a beach in a walkable distance. I also feel that getting on the freeway less would make me like the area better. San Diego as a whole is one of my most favorite places.
In the 8 years I've lived here i haven't heard of any break ins or anything like that.
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It's nice and quiet , but has a good night life if thats what you want
Mission Hills is known for being a safe and reliable neighborhood. However, there have been an increase in home invasions and robberies in recent months. Despite this, I have always felt safe in my neighborhood.
San Diego is an amazing place to live. San Diego has the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, without the big city vibes. The general atmosphere is a laid back and beachy. Balboa Park and the Zoo are both musts. Balboa Park is a beautiful and fun place to walk around with yummy food and cool museums. Overall, San Diego has a lot to offer for all sorts of people, and I absolutely love it.
This is a very safe area. There are very few crimes and when there are they are very minor. The police are almost never visible because there is no need but are here quickly if need be.
I love the area! Its a great place to live because the neighbors are friendly and welcoming. The crime rate is incredibly low and there is a great atmosphere!
Tajima is great for ramen, Baja Betty'd and Oscars for mexican. Just about every place has Happy Hour specials. Rich's is the only real place to go for clubbing.
Nursing hospital jobs are about average in pay, with the better-paying jobs offered by the large insurance companies (telephonic).
Hillcrest is great for restaurants/bars and grocery shopping. The thrift stores are actually pretty nice too. Regular window shopping... so-so. Top restaurants- Snooze, Fig Tree, Tajima, Tandoori Hut. Top bars- Baja Betty's, Urban Mo's. A lot more local stores, but we also have a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and a few chain fast food places. Great for people-watching in the evening.
Its expected high price for CA living.
I heard it's one of the worst in SD.
San Diego is known for it's moderate temperatures.
This area is populated by the thai cuisine.
This area is mainly focused on thai food and a place that is populated by the LBGT community to party and live.
Homeless people make the area feel unsafe.
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Most constant weather in the U.S.
Big population leads to high competition.
San Diego is the best in terms of food.