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I would give it five stars but it can be very noisy during weekends specially at nighttime. However, this is nothing that earplugs can't fix. Another downside is that is when they do special bar-hopping event because a lot of you people is running up and down the street half drunk so, you have to be careful when you are driving.
Other than that living in uptown is very nice. There are many places that you can walk to if you want to eat, and there is also the trolley. It runes until late and you can hop on for free and it takes you all the way to Klye Warren park and the Museum District and on to the other side of uptown to the Shops at Elm St.
Uptown Dallas has a spot for everyone. Family friendly, pet-friendly and an excellent, walkable neighborhood. Uptown is THE place to be for Dallas nightlife. Great restaurants are available too!
Uptown is a great, walkable, and safe neighborhood. Along with options for food, exercise, entertainment, and shopping, Uptown also provides a comfortable environment with well planned Urban design. There are grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, movie theaters, music venues and more. This neighborhood generally attracts younger populations that enjoy nights on the town. Whether you are in the walkable streets of State Thomas, the fun Quadrangle, or the buzzing West Village, Uptown is a great place to be.
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I love the uptown area because it has shopping, restaurants, and bars all within walking distance from my apartment. I feel safe in the area and it is well-maintained. You are also within walking distance of several parks and Katy Running Trail. I think this area perfectly suits the lifestyle of young professionals and is a great place to live and be social.
It's a great place to meet other young professionals in Dallas. The life of the city of Dallas. In the center of the city it's easy to live there and work in other parts of the city.
The uptown area is always lively and has fantastic food options within walking distance. The trolley will is an easy and free way to travel within Uptown and to Downtown as well.
The gate at my apartment complex is always broken so I've taken out the trash a few times to find a homeless person in there. Even in uptown there's scary people walking around the area. I've gotten myself pepper spray since moving too this area to feel a little more secure.
Housing is mostly condos, not much vacancy, well maintained.
There are some ok outdoor options, but not easily accessible to residents
I feel safe in my neighborhood, although there are other parts of Dallas I do not feel safe in.
There are a lot of bars and restaurants in the area, but most are upscale.
Lots of variety and huge job market in DFW area.
There are some good options. Lots of good bars and restaurants. Smaller retailers, but not too much variety. Convenient drug stores and grocery.
This is the best place to live for happy hours and dinner. I mean, Dallas has the most restaurants per capita!
Its a very dense area and to my knowledge a lot of the businesses have quite a high turnover rate.
The stores in Uptown are typically small boutiques but they are starting to open more chains up by West End. Absolutely love the stores in the area though.