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This area is very hit and miss. Some streets are safe and nice, others not so much. The area is really affordable, which is a plus, but is rapidly being gentrified. There are two new condos going up right now. The alderman doesn't seem to care about the neighborhood or its people. It is very walkable, so that is another plus.
I specifically love the diversity form my neighborhood. It is culturally, ethnically, religiously diverse as well of lgbtq friendly. I would probably say that parking is terrible and maybe adding in permit parking or parking garages for residents would be great!
Beautiful area, friendly people, amazing view of the lake! I love going on morning walks simply because of how beautiful the area is. Being close to the lake is nice and having to many friendly people is always helpful!
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Uptown is an amazing cultural neighborhood to visit and experience what Chicago has to offer. This older side of the city is home to many famous bars and theaters, places once frequented by characters like Al Capone himself! The food here is great and very diverse, with sensational cooks coming from all walks of life. Parks are aplenty and people are everywhere; it is a bussling and productive neighborhood in many respects!
Uptown is very diverse neighborhood on Chicago's North Side. The community is diverse in ethnic backgrounds and culture. You will find some o Chicago's top Asian food on Argyle street.
One of the major aspects that allured me to this area was the close proximity to Lake Michigan. Additionally, there are a variety of options for public transit almost everywhere you turn. Lastly, uptown is a very diverse area where you can find a variety of different cultures around every corner! However, one of the things I would like to see change is a decrease in violence and more community and local government support in aiding the homeless and the mental helth care in the area.
Beautiful neighborhood, close to the El train and the Lake. Lots of different food venues around, and incredibly diverse.
Uptown is a great neighborhood because the people are friendly and the neighborhood is clean. There is always fun events in uptown.
I enjoy living here, there are many grocery stores and parks and overall it is close to downtown, only 10 min with a car with no traffic of course. However, the best part of the neighborhood is on the lake the first couple streets, the rest could be a dangerous area especially at night.
I love the diversity of Uptown Chicago. It is convenient to my job and school. It is safe to live in. I would like to see more stores and restaurants added to the area. Modernizing the area would also be a plus.
I have lived in Uptown for a year. Everyone I have encountered is friendly and goal oriented. It is nice to be around goal oriented, intelligent people most of the time. Based on location, it is family friendly. There is plenty to do on Montrose Beach. The location is also central for most activities.
The people are diverse. The neighborhood is different. It is a growing social scene that welcomes people, and comfortable neighborhood, in the sense that you don't feel out of place.
Run down area with high gang and crime rate. I have been uptown arcade that place is fun and safe, but if you go by Aragon Ballroom you’re guaranteed to get robbed or shot at by some want to be CVL. I called the cops after getting robbed and they were useless.
Affordable, culturally diverse, as a small town, suburban feel while still being accessible to the rest of the city. Great food and friendly people.
Diversity of people, lots of dogs, birds, and gardens, great location, near transportation, near the lake. Lots of nice people.
I love living and playing in Uptown. I wish the health care in the area was a little better, I have to go outside of the neighborhood to get good health care.
ITs a quiet community, some safety issues, but the neighborhood is currently redeveloping and I am sure that the neighborhood has a really bright future that has already started to come fruition.
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What I love about Uptown is that it is right near the lake and has many many great places to eat and a few good places to have a great time with friends. It is also near a great hospital. What I would like to change is opening up another mental hospital in the area, ever since the hospital was shut down there are a lot of people that need help just walking and roaming the streets making it unsafe for regular by standards.
Uptown is a wonderfully diverse and affordable neighborhood. It has amazing access to the lakeshore, and way too many grocery stores.
It is a very easy commute on the Red line to work downtown, close to Northeastern Illinois University, and rich Asian immigrant culture.