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I currently reside in Albuquerque's Uptown. It is very close to shopping, schools, sports bars, highways and fun.
My concerns are definately around all crimes that occur in my area. (Car theft, shootings, stabbings, theft etc) I think the area I live is not ideal and not very safe. The street I live on has seen a lot of crime and the time it takes police to respond is sometimes concerning.
For this area I see a lot of growth and improvement in many areas. A few areas I would say need improvement are government assistance, stricter laws against crime, and school graduation rates.
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The crime rate in my neighborhood is at an all time high and is getting worse.
The neighborhood I live in is the worse part of Albuquerque.
Police are responsive but slow when they are actually needed. The safety is good but could be better.
It is very peaceful and quite because everyone knows each other.
It's good low crime rate.
It great area for older couples or single adults.
There are some crime problems, but there is still some security.
This area is a calm residential area.
Many people take daily walks around my neighborhood and also exercise in groups.
There are some bad areas in this city where you would not want to live, but there are also some pretty nice neighborhoods.
Mostly, the area is pretty safe but someone has broken into my house twice in all the years I have lived here and my family has had a couple cars stolen.
The weather is usually very nice with blue skies and warm weather. Occasionally it is cloudy or windy.
There are many restaurants, but most places do not stay open past 10:00 PM.
I think most people in my neighborhood are employed or could be if they wanted.
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There is a lot of support for local companies and locally grown produce.
We have all four seasons with no severe weather. It is ideal.
There are many retail shops, churches, and a hospital nearby.