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Some houses in this community are bad and some are good. Recently, people have received letters from the government saying they have gotten complaints about there house not have a curb appeal and people don't take that as offensive they just change the problem. And when one person updates the rest feel the need to compete, but it is not aggressive its moderate so the houses are in good quality. Also, houses do not stay on the market for more then about a month. There are no abandoned houses or properties. The cost of living is high because of the great weather. Everyone always says your paying for the weather not for the cost of living, but the prices are good for middle class families. The east side of the community is relatively worst then the west side , but that is not saying much because both are not as bad as other neighboring cities.
People in this community live ling together. Fro example, my dad and his friends still live in the same house as neighbors and they still talk every week. Now i have played with there kids, so you could say each generation lives long and sees the next generation enjoy what they did. The community is very pet friendly almost every house has an animal especially a dog. Our neighborhood is very close we always goes to each other parties and we just have fun.
The crime around this area is not bad nor good. We do have some gang violence for example, a guy got stabbed at a car wash and there was a shooting at a barber shop. To add, my neighbor got his car stolen. Also, this pass Christmas Eve my mom got her wallet stolen out of her car and one hour previous to the robbing i was getting things out the car. Before, these incidents crime was very low and nothing really ever happened, but everyone once in a while we will see a police officer pass thru checking to make sure everything seems okay.
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I want to live here my whole life. I love that the people i grew up with on this street are still here. I like how the schools are very calm and educational. The schools have prepared me to go to college. Since, long beach is so diverse I got a taste of all the cultures and now i am very well rounded. People in these types of communities are were successful people come from because we know the good, the bad and the ugly. I would never wish to live somewhere else and I'm pretty sure a lot of people could say the same.
If there is a problem the police will come quicly to resolve it
In my neighborhood it has a good atmosphere and our neighborhood is diverse.
I've had an okay experence but I can't speak for others when there are so many diffrent variables to consider.
People in my are are very diverse. We are surrounded by a lot of Cambodians, African Americans and Hispanics. However, I feel that there is not much connection between the three; mainly because I feel that we are now too dependent on technology.
The transportation it self is not bad. However sometimes there is a long wait for the bus to pass by, but if you have a bus schedule it's manageable.
Many people here are health nuts, but they usually don't publicly display their level of fitness.
Many of the businesses here are mom-and-pop shops. If you to the mall, you will find a lot of the more well known brands, but otherwise the local stores are ok too. Not much variety in them.
There's actually a huge variety of food in Long Beach. You have everything from street tacos, to sushi, and to Italian delights. There is an assortment of bars and clubs and you can find all sorts of entertainment at night. My favorite place in particular is Antojitos which is a Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food that you do not typically see in other places.
There are plenty of police in this area because crime has been an issue before. Just recently there was a news report about human trafficking in Long Beach and a few days ago my neighbor's house was broken into.
In this area, the jobs are mostly retail and food service and therefore, mostly competitve. There are a few business districts on the outskirts of town, however for decent jobs you will need to drive 1-2 hours of traffic.
The houses are well maintained, but out of date. Within a 25 mile radious, there's probably 1 or 2 abandoned houses. However, rent is extremely high. For your average 1 bedroom apartment, the cost is aroun $925. If you are looking for a house to rent, it's very high at about $1600 for a 1200 sq home.
SoCal weather is renowned for it's amazingness and bipolarity. Also the drought isn't great, but otherwise it's pretty nice.
The area I live in isn't the safest and I just happen to live on the safest block.
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Lots of fast food places
Houses don't usually stay vacant for very long. Most for sale houses sell in a year...i think
lot's of mom an pop business's but may or not have needs.