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I love the Upper West Side. I love the community, I love the culture. I love the easy access to so many museum and the closeness to those in the Upper East Side. I multitude of parks is refreshing and I appreciate the amount of green space that there is in such a metropolitan area.
Overall, during my time on the Upper West Side, I have never felt threatened or been hurt. There is a varied range of stores for shoppers, from candy to tech, and there is a diverse community. Museums, Central Park, Subway stations - you have access.
My home, New York City's Upper West Side, is one of the best neighborhoods in the city for its diversity and tranquility. Imagine the entire world in one place.
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The upper west side is a good neighborhood. Not too crazy and pretty nice. Things are expensive, but I like the atmosphere and people.
So much shopping but things are shutting down. The rent is high and supermarkets are disappearing. There is Trader Joe’s which is a good place and there is a DSW and Marshalls, Sephora, and my favorite, Lush. Aside from the shutting down it is still a fun, convenient, and happening place to live
There are lots of places open at late times in the night. The shops have things priced on the higher end but there is a variety of food and people from different cultures present. transportation is very easy which is a plus.
It is very chill, relaxing, and convenient. It's also very safe. You can find restaurants, diners, supermarkets, and anything that you need basically here. But it's not that ideal for shopping or entertainment, of course.
And what I like about the upper West side the different types of i'm glad that it has some diversity but I could be a little bit more shopping centers and the mainand this is manage is that it still expensive to rent without public housing
It's great to be close to Riverside and Central Park. The upper west side has a lot to offer for activities, dining, and the arts.
The area is becoming overrun with Columbia students and local businesses keep getting run out by high rents. Yet. There are still homeless harassing people... but the architecture and quiet are worth it.
Very nice neighborhood, amazing parks all around, good schools, a very family centered neighborhood. Can be expensive.
Manhattan Valley - Morningside is a neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. According to the 2000 census 48,983 people live in the community. Of the population, 44% are of Hispanic origin, 32% are African Americans, and 24% are Asians, whites, and other races. Crime & Safety Report states the area as the second-safest place in Manhattan.

President Obama once lived two blocks away. Seinfeld fans may appreciate visiting Tom's 24 hour coffee shop (where the show was taped.) The 106th cross street was once home to the renowned jazz musician Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington. There are many restaurants named in his honor.
I have been living on the UPPERWEST Side or as we like to call it UWS for 18 years now and I love it. It has changed a lot, and we have so many new shopping stores that have opened. The only thing that I wish would change is more availability for parking because not a lot of activity goes on in the UWS and not a lot of traffic happens either.
I like the Upper West Side because it feels like a town within the city. I feel safe and welcomed here. If anything I would make it a more accessible place. I would love a subway to the East Side instead of just a bus.
A great, but expensive, place to live. Moderate night life, but more available just outside of it. Local jobs are scarse, mom and pop shops are dissapearing, but big name chains are available.
The upper west side is a wonderful, clean, safe, family-oriented place to live. There is a lot of turn over in terms of restaurants and shops due to rising rent levels but overall the stores are of high quality.
Great family friendly neighborhood with a real sense of community. All this and close to Central Park!
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Living in the UPW is truly amazing. From having many food option's around you or just walking down the block to the trainstation/bus stop is what makes it that way. The view is also a great part of this general area. Central Park is very close by so you can always just take a walk to the east side or sit in the park and enjoy the day. There isn't anything I'd want changed in this neighborhood, it is a great living area for families and singles !
I love it! I have lived here all my life, and I can't imagine ever leaving. I love the people, the streets, the schools, the parks, the view, the library---and it's all conveniently located in Manhattan!
The Upper West Side is unique in its magic. It is where you'll find the confluence of Native New Yorkers, college students, young professionals, families, artists and musicians.In addition you have a host of neighborhood bars studded around where you can find live music (Jazz, Salsa etc), organizations of the local pool leagues and even a drag performance here and there. I suppose a lot can be a miss if you're not an explorer but the beauty is there for any who choose to find it.