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there are ups and downs
I've been here my whole life and it is a place I would raise my children.
I always feel very safe. There is some crime in the downtown part of the city, but not much, and most of the city is very safe
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Some parts of it are getting worse, but then there are other parts that are developing, so the city as a whole is not changing much
1. I've heard of many international students smoking marijuana, and even students who sell marijuana.

2. I live in the mid-way of downtown and SUNY campus, I hear police car every two days. I hear them much more often during the weekends, when there are parties going on in the downtown areas.
Since Albany is a city with people from various cultural backgrounds, it may seem a little confusing and hectic in a way. However, I like the the fact that I like the fact that I can meet different types of people from diverse backgrounds. This leads to the general atmosphere of the city - with the fact that there are a lot of Asians living in this city, it was easier for me to get involved into this city, and its people. Moreover, Albany has a relatively well developed public transportation system, also known as CDTA. However, Albany has a relatively high crime rate near the downtown area which makes me nervous every night. Other than that, Albany is a great city.
The weather in this area can be nice and sometimes not so nice. In the summer it gets very hot and in the winter it gets very cold.
Some people live well while others tend to not live very well.
There's ever really any crime in this area. Something might happen every now and then but you never really hear about anything in this area.
There are a lot of retail stores,fast food, grocery, restaurants, gas stations and all. There easy to access and somewhat affordable. There aren't many gyms here. There are about two malls, a lot of stores inside of there , there is a gas station on almost every street. There are grocery stores any direction you look.
The housing in this area is okay. There are always houses for rent or houses for sale. The rent can be sometimes high and sometimes Low if you get lucky.
There's a lot of fast food places and food stores where you get unhealthy quick food to eat so that's causing people to be unhealthy. Also everything is kind of close together so people don't have to travel far and they aren't getting any exercise. There also aren't a lot of gyms here and the gyms that Aren't here are high expense and you need a credit card just to be with them. People around here are lazy and unhealthy.
There are a few parks in this area. There all in very poor or bad neighborhoods and are beat down. There are no beaches, there is only one local pool in this area and its very unsanitary. There's one major lake river here and that's the Hudson River which is also unsanitary you can't fish there or just enjoy the water.
The public services in this area are okay. All the public services here in this area are reliable and satisfiable. We could use better transportation and more fun attractions for people in the community to enjoy.
There aren't many jobs in this area. Its very few jobs that are satisfiable.
Everyone is different around here.
There's not much to do around here at all. There's never anything new and fun to experience around here.
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This area offers a lot of stores, restaurants, jobs, transportation, and public places. There are a lot of very nice houses and apartments here. The roads are starting to get better. More new stores and restaurants are starting to open. There are staring to be more job opportunities. The daily wage has also increased. Schoolsbhave stayed the same. There should actually be a lot more high schools built here so students have a variety of high schools they can chose from.
There are a lot of food choices all around here so if you ever get hungry you can find something quick to eat or if you want to enjoy a dinner you can go to an nice restaurant.
Transportation is very easy to catch. There are city buses and taxis. The buses run every half an hour though which really sucks.